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Three months ago (plus 5 days) an officer was shot and killed in Augusta. That was J D Paugh (link to his Officer Down Memorial Page). At the time, I posted quite a bit about him, the connection with our family and how it shook the entire community. It actually rocked the foundation of our lives because of who he was and the senseless killing. Two months later, another officer was killed but this time it was in the neighboring county-in the city of Aiken. His name was Scotty Richardson (link to his ODMP).  Before last month, the city of Aiken had not had an officer killed by gunfire since 1950 (only one other died and that was by electrocution). It is with great sadness that one month later the same agency has lost another officer! From 1950 to the end of 2011 is a long time, 61+ years. For it to be only a month between these two fatal shootings is just ludicrous. Please tell me we are part of someone’s nightmare!!!

This was a female officer which makes it even more difficult. She was just doing her job checking on suspicious activity in the area this Saturday morning. Her name was Sandy Rogers (link to her ODMP). I did not know her, but that does not matter. I am sure she was an upstanding officer, and she has been working with the city of Aiken for 27 years. This is another loss that no one can fathom. Who can understand the bad element that has beset our area?

Believe it or not, the story took a turn for the worse if you can wonder how. The accused suspect of the latest fallen officer is also accused of murdering his girlfriend. The news is that she was pregnant, and they lived in Augusta. This means, in my way of seeing things, this guy has taken not one, not two, but three lives in just a few hours.

I do not know if our area has ever had this many officers killed in this short period of time, but there is such an element that has arisen lately. It used to be that the bad guys had some respect for those serving in law enforcement. Now, they just don’t care and have declared war against police officers-to see how many they can take out. Be sure to visit the Officer Down Memorial Pages if you can and say a prayer for the families affected, the fellow officers, and the many brave men and women who protect us every single day. Thank you! And, to Officer Rogers, God Speed!

May your garden grow boughs of peace!


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