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We went to the doctor for my oldest to have minor surgery Tuesday-she is doing well. We got there a bit early so we could snack on a quick drive through meal, and as we were sitting there watching the people around us, I noticed an older man attempting to get a wheelchair out of the trunk of his car. He could barely walk and was having trouble. I wanted to get out and help but I’m not much help at things like that anymore. My heart went out to him. After he got the wheelchair put together, he helped the woman out of the car and into the chair. She had been sitting patiently in the passenger seat. One could assume they were married and what a wonderful thought that would be-caring for one another through thick and thin. The man then hobbled behind his wife as they disappeared into the building.

We finished our lunch and were heading toward the door when I saw these two men circling the couple’s car like buzzards circling a meal. I looked closer and noticed police patches on their uniforms. Without thinking, I blurted out very calmly but assuredly, “Don’t write them a ticket. They do not need it.” There was no handicap placard in view, and so the officers were going to give them a ticket for illegally parking in a handicap space. I think my daughters thought I had lost my mind speaking to them like that. I just explained to the men what we had observed. What is bad is that in this county, the cops are instructed to go after the cars that appear to belong to people with less economic means first–if you can understand that. In other words, you can get away with almost anything if you are driving an expensive looking car. Things are definitely messed up. Surprisingly, the officers said they would not ticket them but further told me that people were getting onto them because of illegally parked cars.

Do you ever wonder about missed opportunities that I sometimes write about? Well, this was not a missed opportunity. I took a chance to stand up for this couple and it worked. It was just as well because I wasn’t backing down. Life is weird like this, providing us opportunities to help someone else. I could have passed by and not said a word, even muttered under my breath, but I chose to say something and it worked. The couple will probably never know what happened and the ticket they were spared, but that is ok because I know there have been times that others have helped me out and I never knew it until sometime later so I’m sure there have been other times, too.  Our daily routines get dull and boring at times but that should not stop us from seeking to reach out to others. There will more than likely always be someone who is in greater need somewhere. I feel good that I chose to do the right thing and had the courage to do it. Perhaps you will run across an opportunity to help someone today and every day… Have a great day and may your garden be filled with heavenly goodness!


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