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I have not been sleeping well with what I have been dealing with so I have been taking little cat naps in the afternoon-not planned. The other day, I had just gotten into a nice sleep pattern when the phone rang. I answered in my usual garble after having been asleep. The man on the other end was very cheery and sounded so familiar but I could not put it together at first. He asked who I was and then he explained that I was listed in his cell phone as “ALWAYS.” Hmmm… Then he suddenly burst into song, singing a song called “Always…” By now, I am wondering if I have died and gone to heaven.

It turns out that this was a distant cousin I met via the internet when trying to contact some individuals about family research. I have not seen or talked to him in a few years and wondered what had happened with him…he is 98 years old and sounds great. His memory is a little lacking—he didn’t remember me, but that’s ok. I am not doing as well as he is and I am a little over half his age…

You know how people talk about angel moments…well, you may not, but I have had many of these in my lifetime and I believe this was another one. He may not have been an angel but he sure put a smile on my face! How about let’s create some angel moments for people? It is much like taking advantage of opportunities that come our way to help others.

May your day be blessed from all sides and may you have plenty of angel opportunities as well as being the recipient of many angel moments!


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