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I know that I am a very private person. I guard my privacy with good reason, but I feel compelled to show you a photo of who I am–well, was. This is an old photo of me. I have changed a good bit but this is who I am on the inside even over the years. Notice the purple. That’s me! I probably will not leave this up because I am so private, but I thought people might want to see the person behind the blog–just add about 25 years…

May life always give you reason to smile!


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A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 22nd wedding anniversary. Wow, right? Reading many of my posts you would think that I know all there is about a good marriage, and actually, I do, but things change. My heart is broken-completely-as I have alluded to in some of my previous posts, but today the very raw nerve is here as I try to push on as changes are taking place. I have my daughters here and I don’t know what I would do without them. They have been such an amazing inspiration to me.

Thursday afternoon, we went out to eat-all of us-girls, too. I thought things were going ok as we were trying to work things out. Music on the radio was playing from when my husband and I were dating, and I felt good. Then Shania Twain’s song, “Forever and For Always” came on and it just would not leave my head. I have never liked Shania Twain, but I love this song. Well, it was what was in my head as I watched my husband drive away today.

I will try to continue to write and post and comment but the pain is so very great for me. May no one have to feel and go through what I have been through these past two weeks. I don’t wish it on my worst enemies even. Is this the end? I don’t know, but my hands have been tied about many things in all of this. When you love someone so much, it is hard to understand things. Please say another prayer for me, for us. Perhaps we can work it out. Perhaps not.


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