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  • I seek to walk amongst the fog on a mountain top, to sit and watch the sun rise up and shine all around.
  • I seek to sit under a tree and listen to the birds sing out.
  • I seek to smell the flowers strolling through the gardens with the one I love hand in hand.
  • I seek to stop by a waterfall, hearing the rushing water cascading onto the rocks below-to see the sun glisten in the droplets and feel the spray on my face.
  • I seek to see the beauty of every single day, taking in every sight and sound.
  • I seek to share things that only my honey wants to see and touch, to make him happy and whole.
  • I seek to hold my family close, my love even closer, to let them know I truly love and care for them.
  • I seek to grow and bloom in the springtime with flowers all over spreading the fruity scent of pollen.
  • I seek to remember the good times along with the bad rocking on the porch with my husband enjoying each moment we spend together.
  • I seek to lie back and watch the clouds gather and pass as the wind blows along.
  • I seek to watch the sun set filling the sky with beautiful colors melting into darkness allowing the stars and heavenly bodies to be seen and absorbed.
  • I seek to do all of these things and more but most of all I seek to spend the rest of my life with you!

Happy Gardening on this Valentine’s Day! May you seek good things and reap good things. And, may your love for one another never die.

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