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When I was at my GYN appointment the other day, one of the ladies gave me some encouraging comments and said someone had told her a long time ago how she should write a letter to herself for encouragement. I thought I would share with you my letter to myself…

Smile! Think positive. You have a purpose. Never think that you don’t. You would not be here if you had no purpose and it is so much more than what is in your little world. Quit thinking of yourself and your situation. Think of how it can be made better and how you can make others’ lives better.

Always feel that you are worthy. Never let things get you down to the point that you cannot go on. Life is so much more than what is around you. Do not let others tear you down and quit beating yourself up. You have so much to live for-so much to give. Remember, it is not about what you can take but is about what you can give and add to life.

Always kneel at the cross. Pray, pray, and pray. Give God glory and thanksgiving for all of the many blessings. Thank Him for the person who told you to write this letter to yourself. Thank Him for your family, friends, and people who have yet to meet you. Give all of your cares and concerns over to Him. He will guide you. Never doubt God. Remember the miracles and know God is so much more.

Read and study the Bible-share with family and friends-share with others. Know that God is there-ALWAYS! Hear his voice and follow his Word. Show courage in the face of danger and never let the devil into your heart. If you feel the devil, denounce him at every turn. Call on the Angels and the Saints to shield you, your heart, your soul, your mind, your family, your friends, and all who come in contact with you. Purge the bad thoughts from your mind and think of only good. Never let evil in.

In the darkest moments, think of Christ on the cross. Call out Jesus’ name.

Help me, Jesus! Hear my prayer. Sustain me for your will. Get me through this and help me to blossom so that You might glorified through me.

Never let yourself believe that you are not good enough. This is the tool of the evil one. Give all to God. He is the one who will take you to the end of the road and carry you to that life that is better than this one. Keep your eyes on Him and on the higher road. Be at peace. Think less and read more and pray always. Let your light shine forth so that others may learn to know God. Do goodness always.

You are worthy!

I keep this on my desktop and read it rather frequently. If you get to a point, a low point in your life, I encourage you to do something like this. And, you can even sign it from God if that helps.

Believe in yourself. Please check out Roberta’s blog post for Thursday entitled, In Our Neck of the Woods (blog link for In Other Words and Pictures). Sometimes, hope is all we have to live on. Make the most of life!

Happy Gardening!


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