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Blue Lights

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Late last night I headed to town to pick up my daughter at the bus station. She was coming in from her long trip to visit her boyfriend. Of course the bus was late and cell service was nonexistent for her so we waited. Finally, when the bus arrived, she piled her stuff into the car and off to the house we went. Along the way, I noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road. I immediately thought it was a cop. Sure enough, I could not get past him before his lights came on. I hate those bright flashing lights in my mirror.

I haven’t been pulled over many times in my life. The very first time was when I had my learner’s permit and my father let me drive home from picking up barbecue. The officer thought I was too young since I had not adjusted the seat to fit my short legs. That officer, a state patrolman I believe, pulled me over in the middle of town and it seemed that almost everyone I knew passed by. How embarrassing!

Last night, the officer who first came up to the car was very polite. I gave him my license while his field training officer ran my tag. The car is registered in my husband’s name first, so the FTO then stepped up to the car, introduced himself, and asked about my husband. Ok. I guess it helps being married to my husband at times. I got a stern warning and as I was pulling off I remembered back to that first time I was stopped. My dad had warned me about pulling away—to be very careful and not spin my tires. It was like I had gone back in time some 37 years ago.

Wherever you are, be safe out there! And, Happy Gardening!


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