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I am off to the hospital today. With any luck I will be back soon.  Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers! May your day be doubly blessed and please remember Trace as she has her knee surgery and others who are going through trials and difficult times. Thank you. Please take care!

A person doesn’t attend church as often as some think he should-
—  It is what’s in his heart that matters.
She skipped her morning devotional 3 days in a row-
—  It is what’s in her heart that counts.

Too often we judge others by what they do or do not do, but it is NOT about what we see that matters. It is what God sees in our hearts that counts. Visible stewardship is important but we are not to judge others. When one of us does not exude the epitome of what we believe a good Christian should be or perhaps someone stumbles, do we bring out the judge and jury or do we extend a hand?

I am not here to help justify excuses one may give. That is up to them and what is in their heart and soul. If someone has disobeyed God and not asked for forgiveness, it is between them and God. I cannot condemn someone if they do not appear to be perfect. I am not perfect–far from it. Of course, I think we should all serve as positive role models and be willing to help one another. That’s the giving and caring part of me.

There is a story I want to tell that puts me in my place at times. There was an older couple in our church who were not well off and they didn’t make sound financial decisions. The lady would pay to have her hair done at a beauty parlor and didn’t worry about tomorrow. She would have “the works” many a time when the couple did not know if they would have food to eat the next week. Many people criticized her for doing this. Many quit helping. As I looked at her and their situation I realized that though that would not be my choice, this was probably her one celebratory thing that gave her self-worth and self-confidence. Who am I to criticize? Who am I to judge? It would be wrong to refuse help.

Later, when the lady got sick and needed a wheel chair, some people got together and got one for her. I think it might have been a used one—perhaps they paid no money for it—I’m not sure. I only know if any money was extended, it wasn’t much. Skip a few years and her husband asked for another wheel chair. There was something wrong with the one they had. There was at least one man in the church, an elder, who told them the church could not help them because the woman was wasteful with money. I understand this comment but when we are asked to provide, there is a reason. To turn someone down or turn them away because of what others perceive is not right.

This is a lesson I have used to teach responsibility and stewardship—good stewardship. I think we can all use this as a reminder. A true gift has no limits, no attachments. We give from our hearts. May you be blessed by this story. It is true. Unfortunately, the couple has now passed away and the church did not keep in contact with them. We will be held accountable for this blunder but it doesn’t have to be repeated though I have seen it done since.

Walk in the shoes of someone who you might find offensive or someone you view unworthy. Try to see things from their viewpoint. We all deserve a chance to be understood. We all deserve to be loved. Take care of one another and may your gardens be eternally blessed! Happy Gardening!


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