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I have always wanted a horse as far back as I can remember which goes back to when I was about 2 or 3 years of age. I love horses! Over time, I have given up on that dream. Truth be told, my father would not allow me to have a horse because he was scared I would be drug by the horse—getting my foot hung in the stirrup when the horse gets spooked. He knew someone who suffered this fate–I cannot hold it against him. We had the old farm but he didn’t want anything to happen if he wasn’t there. I remember my great aunt telling me that she would buy me a saddle if I could get Daddy to let me have a pony/horse. I had a few picked out… 

I was about 3 years old when I first rode with someone. My parents would let me ride and I loved it! I remember one time we went to a neighbor’s farm and a horse was saddled for me to ride, but the horse didn’t want to go anywhere. Me? I was perfectly content just sitting on the horse. I have always felt a connection to horses. I don’t know why. A lot of girls feel a connection but grow out of it. I never did.

This photo was taken at our family farm. These are some distant cousins who came over and took me for a ride—I’m the cute one :). The boy on the horse with me was like a brother, about 7-8 years my senior. He helped look after me when I started school. Later, after he graduated, he married a sweet girl, but sadly, he passed away the year after I graduated high school. What a loss! He has really been missed.

May your memories be good ones and Happy Gardening!


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