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In a past life, I did family research of ancestors, etc. It was a hobby that became an awful addiction. Ask my family. We could barely get past a cemetery without me yelling, “Hey, go back!” All of my files that were converted to electronic media including scans of photos and such are stored on my antiquated desktop computer and external hard drive. So much time has been wrapped up in all of this including countless hours and miles spent going to historical libraries, courthouses, etc. And, that’s not counting all of the hours of inputting information on file via the antiquated computer.

Family Tree Maker software from amazon

I wanted to put some of my information on my laptop specifically, my family tree file.  I did not want to crank up old faithful just to access information, so I got my latest edition (antiquated software by today’s standards) of Family Tree Maker and installed it on my laptop… Horrors! I was warned that it is not compatible with my version of windows. What!!! Of course it isn’t. Is anyone surprised? I tried to run it anyway. Not a pretty sight. So, I looked to see what I could do.

There is no offering for a patch or upgrade since it is so old by their (ancestry dot com) standards. I looked to see what it would cost to get the latest version…… I began to read reviews and they are terrible. Several individuals talk about how they were not able to upload their old files into the new version—many lost everything they had! Can you imagine? Most people could not get their data to transfer like in previous versions. When I read the same thing over and over, I got the feeling I didn’t want to invest in this “garbage.”

What we think of as out of date or antiquated and not usable anymore is not what I like to see. If something works, why must we get rid of it? Much of this promotion it is about greed and consumerism. If someone tells you that you need to get something because it is better, newer, prettier, that means they get money and more money is pumped into the economy, right? That’s a good thing—to an extent. It reminds me of The Story of Fluff… Oh, I’m sorry; I meant The Story of Stuff 😉 😉 of which I disagreed about much that was presented. However, a few of the video’s thoughts were close to the mark though many of the facts were inaccurate and some ideas were way off.

Antiquated, out-of-date, OLD…all of these things do not mean things do not work. My desktop is antiquated but it is still useful. I wanted to save her from being cranked up so much to preserve her not that I think she is out of date. If we are not going to make something better and really improved rather than just saying it, then why bother? We used to take pride in our work but back then people appreciated others more and let them know about it.

Have I become antiquated? I hope not. Have a nice day. Stay cool and Happy Gardening!


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