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During this week back in 1990, we were experiencing record-breaking heat every day not unlike we have been experiencing this year. Temperatures were ranging about 104 each day. I was pregnant with my first child and had passed my due date. I was miserable and was lying around in the A/C with a fan blowing on me just waiting for her to decide to come out into the world. She had to know it was hotter outside than inside where she was :).

It was hard to tell when it was time to make that journey to the hospital—I had been having contractions for the past 4-6 weeks. All that came to an end when my water broke the night of the 6th. Of course, my OBGYN was in the islands that week so another doctor had to substitute.

She was a beautiful baby. My husband was there with me and us after she was born. To see the love he had for her and for me in his eyes is something I will never forget. How he cradled her with her cute little pink hat as they slept beside me in the hospital room. I will forever remember these memories and how I have treasured those days in my heart. Life was hot on the outside, but things were cool on the inside as our family grew.

My daughter thinks it is special that the day she was born we had record breaking heat and the record still stands. She doesn’t understand that the day is special because of her birth, nothing else need to be said.

Happy Birthday!


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