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I have never made a true bucket list so guess what…it is on the agenda now. Feel free to comment on what I have chosen—good and bad—items you might have on your bucket list or things you like or don’t like. I decided to not restrict myself even though most of these will not come to fruition. I want to shoot for the moon—well, not that far. Many items are hopes and dreams and not just things I want to accomplish.

I plan to add 5 or 10 things each time until I get to the end—wherever that may be. Oh, and by the way, since this is an “as we go” thing, these are not in order of importance. However, the 5 today are some of my top ones. Here we go.

5.    See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Alaska or Canada.

4.    Live long enough to see my girls happy and in loving relationships.

3.    Spend enormous amount of time rocking on the porch with my husband—the man of my dreams who loves me more than anything.

2.    Help those who are suffering from pain and loneliness—who have no real support system.

1.    Learn how to play and own a harp—yep, the real thing—the really BIG thing.


Bucket lists are notoriously self-indulgent which I don’t like but I hope to include things that are not so selfish. Did you see something that is on your list? Maybe you have a suggestion?

Happy Gardening and may your bucket list lead you to rewarding and satisfying moments in life!


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