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Feast or famine

We have weird weather at times…


We live just northwest of the city and so often we get missed or receive very little rain when showers move through. It is crazy. I can watch the radar and see rain coming but the clouds usually split before they reach us. They usually reform after they pass over us, too.

Three times this week we have gotten little to no rain when all around us received quite a bit. In fact, it has flooded just south of here all 3 times. I lost control of my car yesterday when traveling home from town because it was so bad. I regained control but when I got home…no rain, just sunny skies. It was pouring just a few miles away. I call it feast or famine. On Thursday, the ditches were overflowing just a mile from the house. Life. Hmmm. I really do like things in moderation, but I cannot complain. At least someone is getting rain and it is has been nicer with the cooler temperatures even with the increase in humidity.

Unfortunately, lives have been lost the past few days due to the weather and probably people driving too fast for conditions. I hope you are getting a mix of weather and not the same humdrum thing. Take care and Happy Gardening! 🙂


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