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There is a website entitled 225 things to do before you die (link). I went through all of them. Many, I have no interest in; some, I have done already like…

  • Help out a stranger in distress
  • Solve a Rubik’s cube (I had to have help from a book)
  • Do something that absolutely terrifies you (I actually do a lot of things that terrify me)
  • Finish a jigsaw puzzle
  • Lifelong collector of something (coins, stamps, snowmen, shot glasses, plus more)
  • Create your family tree
  • Work for tips
  • Piña Colada in San Juan, Puerto Rico (it has been a while)
  • Fast for 3 days (only a few times in my life-one earlier this year)
  • Collect favorite recipes
  • Eat a six course meal that you prepared
  • Learn CPR (as a Girl Scout leader)
  • Watch a drive-in movie
  • Get married (did that twice so far—maybe I won’t do that one again 🙂 )
  • Forgive and let go of grudges (sometimes that is difficult but I’m learning)
  • Write a book (just completed that one)
  • File your own taxes (used to do that all the time)
  • Walt Disney World
  • Help someone fulfill a goal (a very rewarding thing to do)
  • Buy a house (a joint effort)
  • Lunar eclipse & solar eclipse
  • Connect with teachers from your past (scary)
  • Build a bonfire and make S’mores (YUM!)
  • World Expo
  • Rescue an animal from a shelter (Simon)
  • Sleep in a hammock
  • Create a bucket list (in the process)
  • Pass on a family heirloom (in the works for several items)
That makes 28 things I have already done on someone’s list. When you get older, you find that there are a lot of things you have already done. Even if you list only 10 things, it is something to work toward. Mine is quite a bit more than 10… 🙂 .
Happy Gardening in all of your gardens and may they be forever beautiful! 🙂

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