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Have you ever been so excited about something that you wanted to tell everyone but you knew that if you told it the wrong way that you would sound boastful? You didn’t want that. You just wanted to share something truly exciting in your life…

Several months ago, I had a fortune listed on my blog from a Chinese Fortune Cookie that said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” That says so much to me. At times, I think we need to do just that, but sometimes, a door appears and all we have to do is open it and walk through—and sometimes it opens right in front of us. Sounds easy, right?

There is an old friend who has been a guiding light so to speak—he is a minister. I told him what happened almost 2 weeks ago without going into details here. He said that he believes the Lord is truly opening a door and that he encourages me to walk through it. I believe he is correct—the door is open… This is about a calling—an opportunity. I have wanted to share this not because it happened to me (well, maybe a little because I am excited) but because of the wonder of God—His greatness. Let me say that the desire to help others is continually on my heart.

  • Out of darkness comes light, so shall it be.

Doors appear, they open, and all we have to do is walk through. Often, we lack the courage to do so. Plenty of times, we ignore the opportunities and pretend we don’t see them. I have done this many times, but I cannot pass this up. If I do, this becomes a MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

I share this not because I want attention about what happened and what I am trying to do (I have left that out for now), but so maybe someone will notice a door in his or her life and gain the courage to walk through it. We need encouragement to make those big decisions.

  • Is there a door in your life? Do you have the courage to step through?

Perhaps you do not understand the complete meaning. I know that feeling very well. That’s where faith comes in. Often we want to hear these words, “Take my hand and let us step through the door and walk out on faith together.”

  • Missed opportunities are doors we pass by or fail to open. Do you have the courage to walk through? I hope so!

May you notice the doors of opportunity along the way and have the courage to walk through them. Happy Gardening and may all of your gardens grow more beautiful every day! 🙂


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