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Several people have referred to me as Job because of all of the many problems my family and I have been going through. I’m not a good person like Job was. I try but miss the mark too many times. If you do not know the story, Job was a Godly man whom God allowed the devil to tempt. By temptation, Job lost his livelihood, his family…all to see if Job would curse God. God told the devil he could do about anything to Job but take his life…anything could be touched—even sickness.

Job shaved his head and ripped his clothes. He sat in sackcloth and ashes. He called out to God wondering why God had turned against him. Job did not understand. One might wonder why God allowed this to happen to such a person, but God does not promise streets of gold here on earth or that we will not face hardships. God intends that good will come from bad. Think self-discipline and being reminded to be thankful for all things.

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Job’s friends told him that he did some evil against God—that he deserved his situation, but Job said he had done no such thing. Job was the type of person who even tried to care for the souls of his family through cleansing and offering. He wanted the best for all people. He cared. He had a heart.

Job listened for God to speak but heard nothing. In fact, the book of Job tells of Job’s trials, what his friends believed—their opinions—Job’s responses, Elihu’s wisdom, and what God had to say. In the end, God admonished the friends who gave Job bad advice due to their lack of wisdom. God told the friends to repent and give sacrifice, asking prayers from Job. Imagine…these friends who “knew” they were correct in their beliefs had to approach the man they thought had wronged God in order to seek prayers. What a humbling experience. God told them that they had wronged Job. It was akin to them asking for forgiveness because they passed judgment on Job.

  • Do we do this today? Do we think others are deserving of their bad situations? Even Job’s wife mocked him and told Job to curse God and die.

After these trials and sufferings, Job flourished because he had not cursed God. In fact, he was doubly blessed because of his faithfulness. There are so many lessons in the book of Job, but one of the biggest is that no matter what happens, even if we do not understand our situation, we should continue to have faith.

Keeping the faith is not always easy. I can attest to that because my faith has been pushed to the limit. I am still being tested and evil is very strong. People wonder why a woman who seemed so devout and so steadfast in her beliefs is seeing such hardship—that surely I have done something to deserve these things. I may not live the best life but my faith is all I have. It is a gift. There are those who have mocked me and want nothing to do with me because I choose to let God guide me. I have to say that it is not easy to go against what seems to be common sense. Many think I am foolish. Sometimes I am but I have to trust in God. I have to have faith.

God gave advice and direction in the Bible (He still does so), but the people wouldn’t listen time after time. God didn’t give up on His people even when they turned away from Him. This is the sign of true love—someone who does not turn away. God could have easily said, “To heck with these people, these selfish, ungrateful lot.”

Isn’t this the story of true love—to love people especially if they are not lovable and loving people? It is easy to love people who reciprocate love back to us, but our real challenge is to love those who do not show love in return. 

  • Is there someone in your life who is difficult to love? Do you move on and dismiss them or do you love them more?

Happy Gardening in all of your gardens and may they be forever beautiful! 🙂


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