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I have been feeling lousy–no energy, dealing with drug side effects, then withdrawals… I try to tell myself and others that I am ok but that is not accurate. Wednesday morning, I discovered that I had lost about half of the feeling in my upper right leg. This is not counting the loss of feeling in my foot and lower leg that has been on the increase the past few weeks. These are not side effects.


Although I am having more issues lately, I know far too many people who are going through worse. These people are inspirations. Nary a peep do I hear. I didn’t want to talk about my issues in my blog but since I have opened up about my AVM and this is part of me, I feel that I need to give more info. I don’t know if there is someone else who is suffering similar situations.

I have friends and acquaintances who are battling cancer. Some are in remission and others are waging battle every day. I bet you know someone doing the same. A friend called last week to tell me about a man we know who appears to be in stage 3. I understand it is more likely to hear of this news when you cross over to this side of 50 (this is a given) but so many people I know are suffering from this dreaded disease. Cancer is not the only thing that people are suffering from but it is a major one. There are many in the web world who are suffering. I want you to know that I wish better days for you. Thank you for what you do to bring smiles to the rest of us.

Pain and suffering…it doesn’t last for eternity but can feel like it at times. Some people want to close the door and not be bothered until they feel better. Not me; I have the little girl syndrome again. When I was young, suffering from headaches or seizures (or both), one of my parents would sit with me until I was better. I’m like that today—that is after I realized that I cannot be completely independent any more. My husband used to sit with me when he was home but now one of my daughters is tasked with it. I am a burden and I don’t mean to be.  

I know my blessings are more than I can count and tomorrow…well, it will be a better day!

May your gardens be blessed. Happy Gardening!  🙂


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