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Canned Ham and Not…


I remember watching as my mom would twist off the key from the bottom of the can and carefully peel the strip of metal in order to release the top. She cut the chunk processed meat into thin slices while heating margarine in the skillet and then browned what I kindly refer to as Spam. I liked it on a slice of bread with a bit of Miracle Whip and a good smattering of ketchup. I repeated the same technique when my children were small but added a shake or two of onion powder for added flavor. This is definitely not a poor man’s meal as I could prepare dozens of meals that were healthier and more filling for less money. I still keep Spam on hand for when I am out of something or just for the taste.

I have had several email accounts for years. I have NEVER had real issues with spam—you know, unsolicited email. Every so often something would come through but for the most part, no issues. I was not hounded or what I considered attacked until now. For the past few weeks/months, I have been bombarded with an extraordinary amount of spam from a certain shell “company” with hundreds of fake domains. Almost all of these domains have sent me spam at least once—there is no such thing as ONE time—multiple, multiple times. I spend more time emptying my spam folder, oh and fishing out the occasional spam that gets through, than I do reading my mail lately. And, between email and newsletters, that is a lot of mail!

I began to block not only the domains that were sending the spam but also newly registered domains from this “company.” That was taking way too much time. I just wish I could make it stop. It is akin to the same telemarketer calling trying to sell me something different every 5 minutes—they have my information and they aren’t going to let go. Too bad I can’t cook the spam I receive every day… Here’s wishing.

Have a great day and Happy Gardening! 🙂


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