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“Feed My Sheep” was a post from July 10, 2012 (link) which concluded on July 12 (link). With some luck, a new posting will appear here every week about Wednesday under the same heading. May each one be a blessing to someone. 🙂

  • What would you think if God called you to “Feed My Sheep?” Would you understand? Would you be like Peter? Would you have courage to answer? How would you respond? Would you know what to do?

Many of us have callings—usually they are little nudges or tugs at our heart. We see a couple who is struggling to purchase food so we buy groceries for them (usually without their knowing). We see someone in distress, pulled over to the side of the road so we either stop or call someone to come help. There is someone crying, alone, and distraught sitting in a hospital waiting room so we offer comfort, an ear, maybe a prayer. We could choose not to notice, being so caught up in life, but “something” calls us to pay attention. These nudges and tugs are one of the many ways God calls us into service. Most will agree that this is the Holy Spirit.

For years, my church congregation wasn’t reaching people in need–not pointing blame. Many of the members thought it was the pastor’s job and the pastor believed it wasn’t his job… Messy!

  • Plumbers…we need more plumbers…
  • Who is a plumber and why would you need one?

Anyone willing to stick their hand in the toilet (figurative and/or literal) is who I refer to as a plumber—no disrespect intended to anyone. Plumbers are people who will do the job no matter what it is. Often, it requires a good bit of courage. From personal experience, it sometimes takes a great deal of courage. We can talk ourselves into doing something or find excuses for us not to do it.

When there is a job to be done, call a plumber or better yet, become a plumber. Seriously, if there is a need, we should answer the call. Courage and knowledge play a big part in our callings, and sometimes we may wait our entire life to answer a call. Jesus told Peter to Feed His Sheep. Same applies today. If we see a need, something that is not being done, we should choose to answer the call whatever it is. If Jesus came today, He may not call for Fishers’ of Men. Did you ever think that He may call for plumbers?

  • Has God called you? Is there something on your heart that causes you to want to help someone? Do you have the courage to answer? Please answer the call—please Feed His Sheep.

Happy Gardening in all of your gardens and may they be forever beautiful! 🙂


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