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The Closer



Tonight is the night… I tried to watch this show when it first came out, but the southern accent sounded so fake it made my skin crawl. The accent improved over time and I tried again to the point that I got hooked on the reruns enough to get attached to the show. I liked the way Sedgewick’s character would not take ‘no’ for an answer and how she could get a confession; oh, and how she could piece things together so quickly–excellent reasoning skills.


After Sedgwick received her award the other year, she announced that it was time for the show to stop. I thought they could have built on her award status but she wanted to do other projects. I can understand but I don’t like it when actors elevate themselves above everything else—enough about the actress and back to the character.


Last summer, there was a topic that was introduced that began to rattle the very backbone of the show. Actually, a shadow of this topic has been apparent for a while but was kept in check. Things had come to a head in the episode called, “War Zone” which aired the year before. Brenda—with her expertise—deduced that a gang member attempted to kill what he thought was another gang member as payback for killing a store owner and little boy–crossing the line of the gang code since the store was off limits. Three US Army Rangers were killed instead, one being a twin brother of the guy who did the “Shootin Newton” murders. Other parties involved in the investigation (sort of), granted (influenced) immunity to the twin to get at the truth. In short, it was like tying her hands behind her back and telling her to shoot her way out of a frontal attack. She could not do anything to the “Shootin Newton” murderer because of this deal and was obligated to protect him from his other gang members. They were still after him so Brenda helped them by allowing some phone calls…  What she said as they drove away after dropping him at his home has been the heart of the matter for a year–moreGabriel, Sanchez, and Brenda were the ones in the car so logic says one of these said something to someone who informed to Goldman, the attorney bringing a lawsuit against Brenda and the city.


Speculation of who the leak is has been all over the board, but this is the dynamic going into Monday night’s revealer…Brenda, Gabriel, and Chief Pope are leaving the show. It is more than likely it is what Gabriel said to someone that led to the lawsuits. I want Pope to get his in the end and I don’t have enough space to tell why, but I don’t want him killed. I want him to suffer from his own consequences and not something Brenda did. I don’t know if Brenda’s parent(s) will figure into her leaving but her husband is said to be in the spinoff occasionally or regularly or something. This all complicates things as I try to surmise what will happen. I have gone through each character to see who the leak is–even Brenda and Fritz… I have been doing this for a year…


And, this is what Duff revealed last week,

And speaking of the loss of identity, Sharon Raydor finally unmasks the leak. The detectives of Major Crimes, and Brenda herself, must pause and consider how this terrible reveal will change their relationships. Certainly, their identity as one, cohesive unit has been altered forever.


While our crimes are more often ripped from the heart than torn from the headlines, the underlying basis of our leak comes from a true story. That law enforcement professionals can never truly take off the badge means detectives and investigators must sometimes completely surrender their personal identity for the sake of the communities they serve. Yet another reason to remember how much we expect from our guardians, and how little we often give them in return.


I honestly cannot see ‘the leak’ continuing to remain with the squad and spin-off, Major Crimes. Though it could make for interesting story lines for a while I don’t think that would be good for the new show. It has been long-suspected that the leak was Gabriel but was it too obvious when they showed his girlfriend the other week? I want Pope to be implicated or something–sorry. He is a lowlife scumbag at times. Gabriel has been so loyal except for those times he went over Brenda’s head. If he is the leak—unintentionally, thinking he was speaking in confidence—then what will happen? Will he try to kill himself or does he kill himself when he finds out what his actions have done? Will Brenda be carried off to the loony farm because of this? Or, does Brenda shoot Pope and is then taken to jail? Hmmm. There are so many scenarios that have been rattling around in my brain. It will be a nail biter for the next 2 weeks! I have the party supplies ready—I REALLY cannot wait. This is more exciting than all of the drama cliff-hangers of the 80s.


One last thing, Brenda might have her faults but Pope was the one who put her in place to do what she does best–get confessions. He was the one to bring her in to make himself look good for his own gain. Now that he is being bumped up, he wants her to go. He has used her up and doesn’t want anything she does in the future to hurt his career. That part where he said he was looking after her–like he had her interests at heart…give me a break! Will Pope has one agenda–Will Pope. Oh, and last week’s final scene… I knew it was going to happen—just had that feeling since she wanted to talk to Brenda all of those times—but seeing her lying there was awful–have seen that look too many times. Seeing her like that was not what I expected them to show. WOW! And, very good promoting on the TNT’s part before the episode aired. 


I hope you have a Happy Garden and in the most southern drawl you’ve ever heard, “Thank-you. Thank-you so much.” 😀


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