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I hate dislike change. I really do. I like to get into a routine and stay that way, but life is not like that. My blog, which has been a mirror of my life lately (to some extent), is changing. I am not sure if it is a good thing but I hope it is.


Number one change:  The series I began in July entitled, Feed My Sheep (link), has turned into a blog all by itself. This way, it has its own space with room to grow, and I can make posts as often as I like. It is called Feed My Sheep at breadandmanna.wordpress.com (link). If you are interested, check it out. It will focus on the spiritual aspects of life, life’s little wisdoms, scripture, etc., and of course, my perspective on things 😀 . It is just beginning. I am not sure where this will lead but there is a big denominator in my life right now and it is called TRUST. Trust in God and step out on faith…remember Peter stepping out of the boat…(link)


What does this mean for the Garden2day blog? With any luck, I will go back to sharing more sewing and crafty things. Posts about my medical issues will continue because I think it is important to share that information in the event someone is interested in this “thing” I live with. And, there will be plenty of other info including things about Simon, my girls, the farm, and other such topics–more pre-January 2012.


I feel that this is an important move for me to make at this time. Things are changing. My blogs will change with them. What does this mean in my personal life? Well, I am not ready to share that yet basically because the end of the story has not been written. In reality, we are always changing. What is important is what we do with those changes.


Happy Gardening in all of life’s adventures! 🙂


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