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It’s no secret I have been missing my mom lately as she would have celebrated her 80th birthday earlier this month. She was quite a character. She had a way about her and the way she disciplined—particularly other people’s kids. By myself, I got into my fair share of trouble—not having anyone to blame things on—but when friends came over, I was usually the one who behaved, not misbehaved—really. When things really got out of hand, she would threaten to nail 16-penny nails into the wall and hang each of us on one. She would go into great detail… I remember one friend said my mom wouldn’t do it and if she did, that she would tell her mom… One thing you didn’t do in my house was to talk back to Mom.


Mom and me in Roanoke, VA

Mom had so many sayings—almost like Gibb’s rules on NCIS. As far as discipline, the most popular one was, “You better straighten up and fly right!” Watch out if it was said this way:  “You better straighten up and fly right…OR ELSE!” That ‘or else’ had some kick to it at times. Mom had a saying for everything it seemed. I thought she was quite corny when I was growing up and she was not quiet. I, on the other hand, was quite the introvert. That has changed over the years and I definitely have my mom’s sense of humor and corniness.


After things began to go downhill for my mom, her favorite saying or the one everyone remembers her by is… “I’m hanging in there.” And she did for several years. You know I blame myself for her death. I should have called for an ambulance the night before her stroke but she wanted to wait to see the doctor. I have regretted that decision for almost 20 years. I blame myself for her having her massive stroke. Deep down, I know it’s not my fault—well, it is…—but I feel so much guilt. The weight of the world—I feel like I should have done better. Sorry, Mom!


Take care and may your gardens yield happy memories! 🙂


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As stated in yesterday’s post, the Feed My Sheep series has morphed into its own blog. This post begins here and is linked to its new home.



  • Scripture from Matthew 14 (NIV)

Faith is a sometimes risky subject to discuss. It is difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced faith. Think about it. If you have faith (true Christian faith), how do you tell someone who doesn’t? It is not something we can just explain, or read about, or something that can be mimicked. And, it is more than a state of mind—it is a state of being. One has to experience it to really understand. That is the wonder of it all.


Peter’s actions should speak so loud to us. He was like a child who wanted to do the right thing but found himself in his usual routine of life. Jesus sent the disciples on across the sea. Later, as He walked out to them on the water, the disciples cried out in fear. And, Jesus said…

  • 27 “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”


SEE:  Feed My Sheep at breadandmanna.wordpress.com (link) for the rest of the story…

Happy Gardening! 🙂


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