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For so many years I have lived cautiously not wanting to put lives at risk—mine and others. In the true sense of spirit of a bucket list caution is put to the side in order to live experiences we would normally turn against. Much of my list does not ‘throw caution to the wind’ so to speak. Most items are ways to experience new levels of happiness and contentment—to be able to make those instances become lasting memories—many items are things I have wanted all of my life.



  • 21.    Find true love in a mate—someone who loves me for who I am and wants to be with me through thick and thin; to be there to hold me when I’m having problems and wants to protect me from all kinds of hurt; someone who wants to care for me and I for him for as long as I live—for the rest of our lives.
  • 22.    Dance with my mate every night (Could I Have This Dance-link)
  • 23.    To be married in a church or chapel
  • 24.    Stay in a cabin with the love of my life (snowed in for a few days)
  • 25.    Go horseback riding (I’ve always wanted to own horses)
  • 26.    Grandchildren if/when my girls decide to have children
  • 27.    Visit Niagara Falls
  • 28.    Visit Ireland
  • 29.    Visit Machu Picchu
  • 30.    Write something that makes a difference in someone’s life and for family/friends to be proud of me—not for prestige, power, or money.


We all—most of us—want to be appreciated for what we do—to know we are making a positive difference in our little world. Most of us want to be loved and have a desire to give of ourselves. I’m like that. I don’t feel complete unless I can give and I don’t feel whole unless I am loved. It wasn’t until this year that I wanted to visit Niagara Falls–maybe as a honeymoon thing since we never really had one or perhaps a “new” one ?? Then a blogging friend’s daughters took a trip this summer which made me want to visit even more. What can I say? I love waterfalls but do not like lots of people. 🙂



May all of your dreams come true! Happy Gardening! 😀


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