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I have been a little off lately—my apologies. I’ve made some decisions in my life—thus the changes I mentioned earlier, but they are a little slow in implementing. Some I will share; some I will not.



The book I wrote back in June is finding a home.

  • 😆 I am excited 😆
  • 😕 a little anxious and apprehensive 😕
  • 😥 and a little scared 😥

Through much debating—with myself mostly—I have decided to make a new blog and add the entire book… I really need to work on balancingThe front page of the blog will be for postings about ideas in the book and the rest of the pages will be chapters in the book. This way the book stays current–alive. I hope it works.  


I chose to do it this way because I felt that I could not give up all rights to the book. If I want to print a copy of the book to give to someone, I want to do that. I understand the risks of putting it on the internet but I want to share this with others. There may not be a single person to read it, but I feel so passionate about this. I desire no money—it would be nice but was it written for profit? No. 


The book has been uploaded and is ready to go after I add some photographs and make the blog publicWish me luck. My biggest obstacle…I have to grow a thicker skin. Criticism has always been difficult because I am so critical of myself. I am sharing some dark secrets I had planned to take with me to my grave. Should you read the book, be warned. 😀  There are things in my past that I am so upset about. It took me a long time to forgive myself but that is part of the story.


More writing… There is at least one other book in the works—just barely getting my feet wet and I am not a writer. A post is forthcoming but be warned about it, too. It is not one for the faint of heart and the subject matter will make you wonder if I am ok. I am not a writer but I am passionate about certain things. I am trying to be ok and these writings are part of the catharsis that is helping me to heal.


I am still battling health issues and family problems but you know…I’m doing the best I can. Excuse my bluntness. See, my skin is thickening already. 😎


Please take care and may you be safe and secure and filled with happiness. Happy Gardening in all of life! 🙂


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