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It was a working weekend and I overdid. The person who used to share my life (and our my bed) came to help my daughter clean the yard Saturday morning. Shocking, right? She asked him one more time to come to help but thought he would not come. I had places to be (tatting class for one) but opted to stay home to make sure things went ok—right choice. The neighbor lady came and helped us on Sunday and I paid her yard man to haul the yard waste away Tuesday—YEA!!!!! The front yard does not look like a jungle anymore but the back…well, I’ll get back to you on that. The individual who came Saturday cut that big limb and cut the weeds in the backyard. It is the most work this man has done in years–real work–really. We pruned the bushes in the front so bare that there are only about 20 leaves per bush now.


I passed out Friday morning…the increase in depression medicine is not going well. I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink then reached back for a towel and back I went—straight back—wham on the floor. Not a great feeling. Last night, I fell on my way back to bed. Two pills made me extremely moody, agitated, and I was having muscle tremors and the headaches were worse. I was supposed to increase to 3 pills this week, but I have decided to go back to one pill to help me sleep like it was originally prescribed and possibly go off this medicine. I can see why they say to watch for suicidal tendencies. I have never been able to take any type of depression medicine–too many side effects and other meds interfere with them.


  • Things are coming together—finally—at least in the virtual world. There are links to my other two blogs but the one with the book is not quite ready—so close that I have butterflies—notice the photos to the right.
  • I have added a page for my bucket list and will keep it updated–possibly better than my memory quilts and other projects.
  • Some of the plants are ready to be set out for our fall garden but I need to get azaleas and whatever else.
  • And, I have decided on a cell phone–I delayed it to this week when the foot traffic is a little less than it was last week due to the I-phone 5. No, I do not want an I-phone… 😀 Today should be the day. I’m excited!!!!


Have a great day (and rest of the week) and may you have a wonderful harvest from all your gardens! Happy Gardening! 😀


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It’s finally here!!!!! As much as I dislike this saying here it is,


“Happy Fall, Yall !!!”


I have been keeping a countdown button at the bottom of my blog because I love the cooler weather. I really love fall!


Signs of fall – 

  • Simon’s winter coat is starting to come in. He has been shedding-not as bad as in the spring but and the new fur is making his coat stick out.
  • The fall plants are out in the garden shops. I love them. I like the pansies, mums, and ornamental kale.
  • People are spiffing up their yards preparing for the leaves to fall. We mostly have pine and sweet gum but we also have a tupelo, some small maples, and several other specimens from the Arbor Tree Foundation.


I want to get my fall flower garden spot planted by next weekend in time for October so when I look outside I have something to smile at 😀 .  We also need to replace some azaleas that were removed last week. Waiting until spring will not work. Isn’t it exciting? Hope you have a great fall autumn!


Have a good one and may your days be blessed beyond measure! Happy Gardening! 😀


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I need a REAL cell phone

Ok, I live in the Dark Ages if you hear some people talk about me (people wonder why I have a degree in computer science). I have a cell phone (a tracfone) from 2006-07. Yes, it still works and I really have no problem with it except that it doesn’t do anything and every so often the screen blips—meaning it is going soon. In the past, I have only needed a cell phone for emergencies and to text the kids and the hubby. I was always with someone who had a phone in the family if we really needed a phone–I just did not like to stay connected with everyone. Well, X that last one out and the kids aren’t in school needing to be picked up and ferried around, so I need a REAL phone so maybe I can be connected–funny how things work. This can be exciting but I don’t want to go overboard and break the thing or something.


Get this. My daughter discovered that we can pay the same price we are paying now for two phones and get a smartphone for me with a data plan and come out about the same (3 phones + data plan—not unlimited data but unlimited mins and  txts). This is how she knew her father was lying to her when she accessed the account…. If you are going to lie about something you need to do it so others cannot find out.


I want a slider phone and was looking at the Droid 4 by Motorola and one of the Samsung phones—I think Stratosphere.


  • Droid 4—excellent camera(better than my camera)—poor battery life and can only be accessed at the store to change battery—there is no extended battery


  • Stratosphere—about the same as my camera—poor battery life but I can purchase an extended battery and change it myself—there are bugs and the ports (as with many phones lately) break especially the charging/docking one


If you have one of these phones or know of someone who does, please let me know what the pros and cons are for the phones or perhaps there is an excellent slider phone you would like to suggest. I have to make a decision in the next 2 days or sooner. Thank you.


Happy Gardening!


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I am humbled yet once again. People surprise me at times. My yard is a mess—awful. A large tree-like limb fell in the back yard months before my husband left and there is a jungle in the front. I haven’t the money to hire someone. One daughter who has always helped to maintain things in the past—more than her father—cannot do so because of lung problems and the other daughter did more inside things. It was the latter one whom I

wikipedia-Lion of Lucerne

described in this post (link) about the promise and only gift that was never given–tears from my heart.


I am a private person. When one of my daughters was changing the locks on the front door months ago, she ran into a problem and one of our manly neighbors came over and helped her get a screw out that had been stripped. If he didn’t know anything before, he knew the situation then—health and scandal. Since then, none of our neighbors have stopped by to see if we needed anything or to check on us—not blaming them but it is real curious. I don’t ask for help easily and when someone knows the situation, the harder it is to ask because I feel that they will offer if they so desire.


About 2 weeks ago, I visited our neighbor lady who lives across the street and finally told her what was going on and why my husband has not been around and all. I wanted to visit her before the angiogram but I couldn’t draw the courage. She chastised me for not coming sooner and not notifying her of how bad my health has gotten. This woman has had her share of problems and we have helped though I’m sure we could have done better. She is a retired teacher and has been divorced for some time.  She and I had a nice chat and I felt better when I left. Without my knowledge, she contacted the daughter who has been wanting the yard clean—we all do but she feels the burden of trying to be the provider and caregiver. This neighbor also contacted another retired lady who lives down the street and they were planning to get together with my daughter to clean my yard this weekend………. Oh, my! I am humbled yet once again.


Imagine. These two older-than-me women wanting to help do what these men around will not. I am so humbled. I know she wants to see a better yard from her house but she wants to help the girls because she knows that no one else is going to. I am truly humbled. Her thoughts are that even if my husband doesn’t want to help me that he should be there for the girls (especially for emotional support) so they can be there for me to help with physical support. I bow my head not in shame but I am entirely and truly humbled.


May your day be blessed and may your gardens exceed your expectations! Happy Gardening! 😀


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Budgets–I’m pretty good at getting my money’s worth–maybe more, and I’ve been known to squeeze blood from a turnip–well, that’s what my family thinks.

I got an email tonight that said the state archives in Morrow will be closing Nov 1 of this year because of budget constraints. Ok. I didn’t know anything about this but I checked and sure enough it appears to be accurate.*** According to the email, this will be the only state archives in the nation that will not be open to the public. There have been some really bad decisions lately to come out of Atlanta and this is another one.


I don’t readily make my opinions known but lately I have done so a bit more often. No, I didn’t sign a petition or


other such document. I decided to email the governor directly and let him know how I felt. Personally, I think he can reduce some of his personal spending out of his office to take care of this. I am nothing great but I do have ancestors who helped settle parts of the state and many of the ancestral lines have remained here—I’m one of them. I think this is a disgrace to the present and past citizens. I know genealogy and research of past history (redundant) is not everyone’s cup of tea but our history is important—all of our histories.


Well, I thought I’d get that off my chest. I feel better. I’m sure nothing will happen but you know, if I don’t say anything I don’t have a right to complain later.


May your gardens look beautiful all through the day! Happy Gardening! 😀

*** The archives will not be open to the public as it is now but will be taking appointments as time and staff allows but with the cut in staff, it does not sound that this will be promising.


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Last Sunday was the best day I have had in many, many months. I didn’t have many health pains, my emotional self was high, had not planned to go to church but went anyway… I felt like I had finally found the light and my burden was taken away. I felt worthy for the first time in so long!!! I beamed when people saw me and everyone exclaimed how good great I looked and were still saying that this week. And…people didn’t do that head shaking thing when I approached or they approached me—that feeling that I was in such pitiful shape with all of my problems.


I think—I hope that I am coming into my own if I can borrow that saying. I found the strength to call a lady from church the day before whose husband has stage 4 cancer. The outlook isn’t good or very promising. I didn’t want to break down crying with her and didn’t want to say the “wrong” thing so I have been waiting until the time was right. It was the right time. I have a lot of emotional baggage—my dad dying of cancer and my present situation. I cry at the smallest things. I used to be able to say things to help those in emotional distress, those in sorrow from the loss of a loved one, etc. I tend to lose that ability when I go through these types of situations because I try to speak from the heart but when the heart hurts so much, it is tough to mask my pain. So, why was Sunday any different? I was where I needed to be—settled with my feelings and life. And, I wasn’t putting on a façade of wellness or happiness. It all came from the heart.


Monday, I received a call for an appointment with the neurologist that I have been awaiting for months—actually years. The appointment was this past Thursday and things did not go well. The doctor holding up on the referral hurt me because neurologist intern wanted to know why I needed an emergency appointment. I didn’t. These things that are going on have been happening since 2008 and before. With all of the pain I have and the numbness, lack of feeling and muscle control, my eye problems, blueness…I was told to increase my depression pill at night that was given to me to help me sleep through this trying time. Nothing else. No other tests. No pain meds. Nothing. I’m not a very happy camper, but as one friend said (I call her “JJ”), “Don’t lose faith; it’s just a setback. We have been there before.” Life. There are ups and downs. Sometimes the downs seem to be deeper than we think they should be, but believe it or not, I’m where I need to be.

  • “JJ” is 2nd from the left in photo above; only non-posed photo of my first wedding.


Have a great Friday and may your gardens grow bountifully filled with joy and goodness! Happy Gardening! 😀


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He has mellowed—Thank Goodness! He still suffers from headaches—he has sinus issues like the rest of us and sits in the bathroom sometimes when we take showers. I have mentioned this before. Lately, he has been lying down beside me in the living room each morning—lying on his back while I rub his head. At times he will take both paws and pull my hand closer to his head to give more pressure.

Simon half asleep (with eyes open)


Simon is not a cat to lie on his back but he does more so now—I think so his sinus will drain. One of HIS windows has a pallet in front of it so he can lie on his back and nap while he watches the birds—who is spoiled? He reminds me of an otter the way he does this.


Then there is his newest craze…pulling the toilet bowl brush and its storage caddy out. He then proceeds to pull out the brush and leave it in the middle of the bathroom floor. I kid you not! The fireplace mantel is devoid of most collectibles and such because Simon sits there and taunts us. We find that if we ignore him, he doesn’t act out as much but it takes a lot of patience. He is still a cutie and we love him!


Have a great day and Happy Scratching!


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September 11

Old Glory-The Patriot Flag being flown at the airport.


This photo was taken in 2011 when our family visited the Patriot Flag as it stopped in our area. It traveled across the country before being flown at Shanksville, PA, New York, NY, and Washington, DC, on September 11, 2011.


This tribute is for all of the brave men and women who have defended the flag and our country and for all of the people who died on September 11, 2001, and for the ones who have died since because of that fateful day!


I don’t remember September 11th in the same way as I used to do each year but I continue to remember those who lost their lives and give thanks for the living while I try to remember and appreciate every special moment in life.


Peace to all!


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I am working on photos for the book/blog website. The main photo I want is of two wedding bands. I found a photo on the internet. I love it but cannot find where it originated to see if I could get permission to use it or what. I borrowed it and drew a heart in it to see how it would look. I love it. More than likely I will use my current wedding bands for the photo, and hopefully, I will be able to take all or most of the photos needed. This is what I have been busy with.


I have long needed a light box and decided to make one this past weekend. Of course I made it after I took the photos of our wedding bands. My youngest has the photo I want to use and is touching it up, but I may go back and begin again using the light box. These things take time to get it just the way I want–I used to be faster at this. I was playing around with some different editing software but still have much work to do as you can clearly tell–I have a large learning curve. I am out of practice taking photos AND editing them. The first two photos were scanned–before digital photography 🙂 . I think the one of the porcelain jewelry box looks pretty good. 


Now to get back to work. I hope your day is blessed and great things are happening in your life. Please take care and Happy Gardening!


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I have a friend who works in hospice. She sees some very trying cases. Some are just the natural next step in life but some are young people with terminal illnesses. She doesn’t divulge personal information but one case she asked me to pray for recently was for a young woman with cancer who had a baby and husband. This one broke my heart, but do you know her husband stayed and cared for her and the baby until she was close to death and needed to be moved back into the care house/hospital? This is a husband doing the right thing, caring for his wife in the darkest of times, and these are truly the darkest times for this young couple.


While I was writing this, I saw a segment on the local news about a man in South Carolina who has been walking with a sign that says he needs a kidney for his wife. Wow! How touching. When interviewed he said he wanted to spend more time with her and that he loved her more now than before. He said it is because they are one—not two. This is a very touching sentiment.


If you know a husband who is caring for an invalid wife or one that is in need, congratulate him and tell him how special he is. Maybe you can help give him support for his wife–and keep it clean. I don’t have much use for a man who when things get tough, he gets gone. I have always felt that way so it hurts even more when my husband turned out to be like this. I really admire men who can care—give compassion to a wife in need thinking of her above himself.


May your day be blessed beyond measure and Happy Gardening! 😀


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