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I have a friend who works in hospice. She sees some very trying cases. Some are just the natural next step in life but some are young people with terminal illnesses. She doesn’t divulge personal information but one case she asked me to pray for recently was for a young woman with cancer who had a baby and husband. This one broke my heart, but do you know her husband stayed and cared for her and the baby until she was close to death and needed to be moved back into the care house/hospital? This is a husband doing the right thing, caring for his wife in the darkest of times, and these are truly the darkest times for this young couple.


While I was writing this, I saw a segment on the local news about a man in South Carolina who has been walking with a sign that says he needs a kidney for his wife. Wow! How touching. When interviewed he said he wanted to spend more time with her and that he loved her more now than before. He said it is because they are one—not two. This is a very touching sentiment.


If you know a husband who is caring for an invalid wife or one that is in need, congratulate him and tell him how special he is. Maybe you can help give him support for his wife–and keep it clean. I don’t have much use for a man who when things get tough, he gets gone. I have always felt that way so it hurts even more when my husband turned out to be like this. I really admire men who can care—give compassion to a wife in need thinking of her above himself.


May your day be blessed beyond measure and Happy Gardening! 😀



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