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I am working on photos for the book/blog website. The main photo I want is of two wedding bands. I found a photo on the internet. I love it but cannot find where it originated to see if I could get permission to use it or what. I borrowed it and drew a heart in it to see how it would look. I love it. More than likely I will use my current wedding bands for the photo, and hopefully, I will be able to take all or most of the photos needed. This is what I have been busy with.


I have long needed a light box and decided to make one this past weekend. Of course I made it after I took the photos of our wedding bands. My youngest has the photo I want to use and is touching it up, but I may go back and begin again using the light box. These things take time to get it just the way I want–I used to be faster at this. I was playing around with some different editing software but still have much work to do as you can clearly tell–I have a large learning curve. I am out of practice taking photos AND editing them. The first two photos were scanned–before digital photography 🙂 . I think the one of the porcelain jewelry box looks pretty good. 


Now to get back to work. I hope your day is blessed and great things are happening in your life. Please take care and Happy Gardening!



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