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He has mellowed—Thank Goodness! He still suffers from headaches—he has sinus issues like the rest of us and sits in the bathroom sometimes when we take showers. I have mentioned this before. Lately, he has been lying down beside me in the living room each morning—lying on his back while I rub his head. At times he will take both paws and pull my hand closer to his head to give more pressure.

Simon half asleep (with eyes open)


Simon is not a cat to lie on his back but he does more so now—I think so his sinus will drain. One of HIS windows has a pallet in front of it so he can lie on his back and nap while he watches the birds—who is spoiled? He reminds me of an otter the way he does this.


Then there is his newest craze…pulling the toilet bowl brush and its storage caddy out. He then proceeds to pull out the brush and leave it in the middle of the bathroom floor. I kid you not! The fireplace mantel is devoid of most collectibles and such because Simon sits there and taunts us. We find that if we ignore him, he doesn’t act out as much but it takes a lot of patience. He is still a cutie and we love him!


Have a great day and Happy Scratching!



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