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Budgets–I’m pretty good at getting my money’s worth–maybe more, and I’ve been known to squeeze blood from a turnip–well, that’s what my family thinks.

I got an email tonight that said the state archives in Morrow will be closing Nov 1 of this year because of budget constraints. Ok. I didn’t know anything about this but I checked and sure enough it appears to be accurate.*** According to the email, this will be the only state archives in the nation that will not be open to the public. There have been some really bad decisions lately to come out of Atlanta and this is another one.


I don’t readily make my opinions known but lately I have done so a bit more often. No, I didn’t sign a petition or


other such document. I decided to email the governor directly and let him know how I felt. Personally, I think he can reduce some of his personal spending out of his office to take care of this. I am nothing great but I do have ancestors who helped settle parts of the state and many of the ancestral lines have remained here—I’m one of them. I think this is a disgrace to the present and past citizens. I know genealogy and research of past history (redundant) is not everyone’s cup of tea but our history is important—all of our histories.


Well, I thought I’d get that off my chest. I feel better. I’m sure nothing will happen but you know, if I don’t say anything I don’t have a right to complain later.


May your gardens look beautiful all through the day! Happy Gardening! 😀

*** The archives will not be open to the public as it is now but will be taking appointments as time and staff allows but with the cut in staff, it does not sound that this will be promising.



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