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I am humbled yet once again. People surprise me at times. My yard is a mess—awful. A large tree-like limb fell in the back yard months before my husband left and there is a jungle in the front. I haven’t the money to hire someone. One daughter who has always helped to maintain things in the past—more than her father—cannot do so because of lung problems and the other daughter did more inside things. It was the latter one whom I

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described in this post (link) about the promise and only gift that was never given–tears from my heart.


I am a private person. When one of my daughters was changing the locks on the front door months ago, she ran into a problem and one of our manly neighbors came over and helped her get a screw out that had been stripped. If he didn’t know anything before, he knew the situation then—health and scandal. Since then, none of our neighbors have stopped by to see if we needed anything or to check on us—not blaming them but it is real curious. I don’t ask for help easily and when someone knows the situation, the harder it is to ask because I feel that they will offer if they so desire.


About 2 weeks ago, I visited our neighbor lady who lives across the street and finally told her what was going on and why my husband has not been around and all. I wanted to visit her before the angiogram but I couldn’t draw the courage. She chastised me for not coming sooner and not notifying her of how bad my health has gotten. This woman has had her share of problems and we have helped though I’m sure we could have done better. She is a retired teacher and has been divorced for some time.  She and I had a nice chat and I felt better when I left. Without my knowledge, she contacted the daughter who has been wanting the yard clean—we all do but she feels the burden of trying to be the provider and caregiver. This neighbor also contacted another retired lady who lives down the street and they were planning to get together with my daughter to clean my yard this weekend………. Oh, my! I am humbled yet once again.


Imagine. These two older-than-me women wanting to help do what these men around will not. I am so humbled. I know she wants to see a better yard from her house but she wants to help the girls because she knows that no one else is going to. I am truly humbled. Her thoughts are that even if my husband doesn’t want to help me that he should be there for the girls (especially for emotional support) so they can be there for me to help with physical support. I bow my head not in shame but I am entirely and truly humbled.


May your day be blessed and may your gardens exceed your expectations! Happy Gardening! 😀


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