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I need a REAL cell phone

Ok, I live in the Dark Ages if you hear some people talk about me (people wonder why I have a degree in computer science). I have a cell phone (a tracfone) from 2006-07. Yes, it still works and I really have no problem with it except that it doesn’t do anything and every so often the screen blips—meaning it is going soon. In the past, I have only needed a cell phone for emergencies and to text the kids and the hubby. I was always with someone who had a phone in the family if we really needed a phone–I just did not like to stay connected with everyone. Well, X that last one out and the kids aren’t in school needing to be picked up and ferried around, so I need a REAL phone so maybe I can be connected–funny how things work. This can be exciting but I don’t want to go overboard and break the thing or something.


Get this. My daughter discovered that we can pay the same price we are paying now for two phones and get a smartphone for me with a data plan and come out about the same (3 phones + data plan—not unlimited data but unlimited mins and  txts). This is how she knew her father was lying to her when she accessed the account…. If you are going to lie about something you need to do it so others cannot find out.


I want a slider phone and was looking at the Droid 4 by Motorola and one of the Samsung phones—I think Stratosphere.


  • Droid 4—excellent camera(better than my camera)—poor battery life and can only be accessed at the store to change battery—there is no extended battery


  • Stratosphere—about the same as my camera—poor battery life but I can purchase an extended battery and change it myself—there are bugs and the ports (as with many phones lately) break especially the charging/docking one


If you have one of these phones or know of someone who does, please let me know what the pros and cons are for the phones or perhaps there is an excellent slider phone you would like to suggest. I have to make a decision in the next 2 days or sooner. Thank you.


Happy Gardening!



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