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I’m sorry. Whatever is wrong in your world, I am sorry.


When I woke up this morning I had no idea my day was going to turn into such a cesspool. I was trying not to post about certain things in my life but I have to write about this. I’m so sorry.


I had not received the bill for the car tag that is due later this month—my husband’s birthday is this month and it is registered to him because his name is listed first on the loan. Background info:  We have ONE car—ONE CAR so imagine the surprise I had when the woman asked  **which**  car I needed the info on!!!!!!!!!!

Which car???

Ok, I’m thinking to myself, “Did my husband get himself a car????”

No, it turns out that he bought his girlfriend a car!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, rather he signed a loan for her……………………..and is giving her the money to pay for her car………………………………


I am taking applications for a new husband. Anyone who wants to apply, just leave me a note—only serious applicants need to submit… :D. I would say I am joking but I’m not sure anymore…


I hope your day is so much better than mine! 😀  I could not make this stuff up if I wanted. 


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