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Over the past few several months I have been building on friendships—some old, some not so old. One is a lady I mention quite frequently. Even though there was a time where we were far apart (she lived on one coast and I lived on the other) and did not keep in touch, this woman knows me so well. She was like a sister to me and was in my first wedding. She is such an inspiration and I love her to death. She knows what all has been happening in my life and has similar experiences–ok, one or two of what I have been experiencing. I think she has been the leader of my cheering section. I don’t normally share conversations but I am making an exception today:


I am sorry you are having to go thru the crap that (name removed but she doesn’t call him by his name 😀 ) is putting you thru, but you are going to have an awesome testimony when the dust clears.  You are going to be able to help other women that are going to go thru this muck.  He is on a path that he can’t get off of, he is in too far. 


This is not happening. Hmmm, my testimony right now is this….

  • “Women, you need to practice shooting a gun until you have mastered it and then play the helpless damsel in distress. When he arrives you need to pull out the gun and shoot his (word removed=family jewels) off!!!!!!!!!!  Take no prisoners…”

I don’t think that would make a very good testimony, do you? I have a ways to go.


Ok, so you are not ready to tour the women’s conference circuit and cannot open for Beth Moore Bible studies.  But it will come, it’s in you to minister to others, it’s in your DNA.  I know you will get there, we are just still in the battle, you can’t help others until you are OK, and you are not OK yet.  But OK is coming. 

I am praying for peace for you… You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I promise I am standing there holding it. 


😀 😀 😀 Boy, how powerful is that? Wasn’t that fantastic? She is right. It is in my DNA and no matter what happens I will learn from this as will my children. I plan to make sure that this becomes positive (and not negative) in the eyes of my girls if it takes until my last breath. 


Please go out and be someone’s anchor today, this week, and throughout the year. Please don’t think you cannot get involved. There are those around me with whom I have talked to almost every day and at times, several times a day. Others think I should have divorced the man so long ago but if you don’t know everything you cannot say that and shouldn’t say that. There are some who are so tired of my drama and I’m at the top of that list. I am so thankful for those who have been there through thick and thin and all between. You cannot judge others or readily give advice—just be there to help pick up the pieces when they fall or to be a leaning post so maybe the pieces do not fall.


I have had my firm foundation of a rock pulled out from under me. I must make things right with myself first. There is a change in the wind. No, I’m not referring to the weather and it’s not Mary Poppins but close.


Be blessed and Happy Gardening! 😀


Notice:  Please do not shoot or harm anyone! This is just a statement of how I feel, period. I do not mean any ill-will to anyone.


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