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It has been a week since I have gotten my new phone—we are still getting to know each other. I hated strongly disliked the ringtones but my daughter helped me fix that. It now has a portion of one of Audiomachine’s works. I wanted something that would get my attention and I love this particular piece of music. Next, is deciding on wallpaper but I actually like the leaves…


Yesterday was my last day with my tracfone. I have had it at least since 2006 but possibly since 2005—it was the first one and it still works. People are amazed that it does. It has been dropped, crushed, banged, etc. I never thought I would leave it but figured it would die first. It was one of the phones that still allowed free incoming texts…


I am making a carrying case for the new phone and decided to upgrade to a clutch-like purse to carry my credit cards, medical card, library card, and other of the many cards I carry. That way they give the phone support and I don’t have to worry about carrying them separately. The tracfone is about the size of one stack of cards; this phone is about the size of two stacks of my cards side-by-side. It’s funny. I have been carrying the cards in a phone case and the tracfone phone in my pocket. For a while, they both fit in the case but the number of cards has quadrupled. 🙂 

I plan to use one of these fabrics…

… and I plan to add straps to the bag because of the way I am–I will leave it somewhere the first time I use it. I’ll try to show the finished project if and when I get it done. Right now, I am still searching for my lavender thread. If I go to the store to get a new spool we all know I will not walk out with one spool of thread now don’t we?


I hope all things are growing great in your garden. Happy Gardening! 😀


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