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I have to share this with you…


All of the times I have asked my husband over the past many months what he wanted I wasn’t asking if he had chosen me. I was asking if he had accepted me. There is a difference.


I was my husband’s gift from God—he was mine. It isn’t a choice. You don’t choose—you accept. You accept just like accepting grace from God. God sent His Son to die for the mistakes WE all make—He gives us grace—we cannot earn it and we sure don’t deserve it. We cannot do anything but try to live the best we can because of it. Grace is sufficient. We cannot add to it nor take away from it. We either accept it or turn our back on it. It isn’t a choice—it is a lifestyle. Love is a lifestyle. Love is grace.


May you have a most blessed Sunday! Happy Gardening! 😀


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