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It seems that every day someone or a computer calls my house at least once trying to sell me something or get me to participate in a political poll or something. I have an unlisted phone number but that doesn’t do any good. And, a year ago this month my car was totaled and hauled away but that does not stop these people wanting to supply me with an extended warranty for the car that does not exist—at least not in my possession. The latest individuals have started calling more than once a day…and I tell them I do not own that car.


Here are some of the more recent calls…

Computer voice:  “The FBI reports that there is a home break-in….” [This has become a daily call.]

Last time, I wanted to speak with a representative but they hung up on me. I told them that I had a security system named Simon. He wanted to know what kind of security that was and I told him he was a watchcat that would scratch out the intruders eyes. He wanted to know what would happen after Simon was subdued… I politely said,

“I would take my gun and shoot the person…”

CLICK…dial tone. The next time they call, I plan to do something similar. I can ask them not to call but it does no good—I have tried that route.


Other calls—

Computer voice:  “Someone in your house qualifies for medical insurance…” [How would you know???]

Computer voice:  “This is Rachel from cardmember services…” [She calls at least once a week.]

Computer sound:  Boat horn. “Don’t miss the boat…” [I hate this one and have received these for years.]

Computer voice:  “Someone from this number has requested mortgage foreclosure assistance…” [Yeah, sure they have.]


I used to get angry. Then there was the day that the guy called my cell phone with a pitch and the next day the same guy, not a computer, called the house…


Then there were the calls right after the deaths of the police officers wanting us to donate money—not for the officers’ family or for expenses, etc. but to something they were pitching. While I understand this probably more than a lot of people, I don’t agree with it because this was using tragedy to make money. I was getting about 2+ calls a week and each one said they had never contacted us before… I received about 20 or more calls. One guy said that they only call once a year but at least one other person had called a few weeks before and gave me the same exact spiel that he gave. I couldn’t substantiate any of the calls and choose to give directly to the individual’s family or to the account set up for the fallen officer.


Many of the computer calls have an option to press a button to be removed and I have never had one of these to work. As for the car warranty ones, they threaten that “this” will be my last chance—last call—yeah, and I have some beachfront property… Oh, and a couple of people wanted to know what kind of car I drive now… Do you really think I just fell of the turnip truck—–really? No disrespect to turnips or people who grow and sell them.


I want a button on the phone that I can press that will remove my number from all of their data banks… I know people have to make a living but I draw the line at these crazy calls where the person preys on my emotions in order to separate me from my money. Excuse me, I think I hear the phone…


Have a great day and Happy Gardening! 😀



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