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When I thought life could not get any worse, yesterday was a 20 on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being so horrible. When I went to pay the tag bill the lady behind the counter said I could not pay it because I did not live in the county. What a shock to hear that I didn’t live in the house I have been living the last 20 years and had just come from minutes ago. So, I went to see where I did live. How surprised to see my husband’s patrol car sitting outside when he was supposed to be working. I had not been able to reach him for days. The “other” car that is supposedly registered to “us” was missing though I don’t know what it looks like (and it isn’t registered to me…).


I could proceed to tell you that I began to leave messages with people who I would never call asking him to contact me. I could tell you that I left notes at my new address where I have never been before. I could tell you what happened when he finally contacted me but you wouldn’t believe the conversation…


I live in a dream state—everything is in slow motion right in front of me and the rest is all passing by at the speed of a bullet. My heart is numb from pain and too much adrenaline. And, to top things off, my ankle locked up causing me to fall down the stairs–I really hurt myself. I am swimming in a cesspool. There is a lot of information and needless drama left out of all of this but believe me, it is truly awful and that is without any added embellishment—it sure isn’t needed. The fish is really that big and stinks so bad the dead can smell it—no disrespect to the dead. I thought I had heard everything, but I was wrong—so wrong. I could write all of this down for a drama—a movie—and you would think it is a comedy.


Appreciation… When the cesspool you are in is knee deep and smells so bad, just be glad and happy that it is not waist deep or even chest deep. Appreciate where you are and what is going on—the good things, no matter how small, no matter where you are in life. I wish I could tell you everything was going to be ok. I am trying really hard.


Take care and Happy Gardening!



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