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Fall feeling

…not really. The calendar says October but it doesn’t feel like it. A few weeks ago, the temperatures were in the mid to upper 80s–a few 90s. This week, we have been back in the 80s from upper 70s but at least the nights have cooled down a bit. After the hurricane passes through the temperatures are supposed to drop–Tuesday’s high is supposed to be about 60 degrees but Tuesday is October 30. Hmmm. I can’t complain too much. My energy bills are down–such a good thing.


The allergies this fall are some of the worst I remember experiencing–there have been pollen alerts most days. And, while at the doctor’s office this week, we were told that flu is here already–early by 2 months…it usually shows up a week or so after Thanksgiving–after families have had time to visit for the holiday. To top that off, there are health care professionals who had flu shots who now have the flu. It is looking to be a long winter.


wikipedia – isn’t he cute…

Not only are some leaves falling now but there is this certain squirrel who I promise is targeting me by shooting pieces of pine cone every time I step out the door. He has gotten me a few times so far. I can just see him up in the tree laughing… Ok, maybe that is him chewing. 😀 I hope you are having a wonderful fall or autumn. 


May your gardens be richly blessed and may your day be wonderful! 😀


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