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I am overextending myself but I am beginning another blog… I know, but this is important to me and is an extension of my morning routine. It began this morning. Please don’t feel that you must read it or follow it.


I have so many things that I am trying to do and do not know if I should continue them all or concentrate on any particular one or something different but I feel compelled to spread my wings even more. There must be a reason. With that said, this was the product of my prayers this morning. There was no thought about it just that I had to do it.


The blog is called My Letter to God and is found at   http://morningletters.wordpress.com/   My morning routine is daily devotional, meditation, and prayer. This will be part of my prayer though this is a very minuscule part.


My life is about to take a big turn and it is not all positive. I must reach out and do what I have been preparing for all of my life. I am a giver and I am not happy unless I am giving from my heart.


Have a very blessed day and Happy Gardening! 😀


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