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It seems that every day someone or a computer calls my house at least once trying to sell me something or get me to participate in a political poll or something. I have an unlisted phone number but that doesn’t do any good. And, a year ago this month my car was totaled and hauled away but that does not stop these people wanting to supply me with an extended warranty for the car that does not exist—at least not in my possession. The latest individuals have started calling more than once a day…and I tell them I do not own that car.


Here are some of the more recent calls…

Computer voice:  “The FBI reports that there is a home break-in….” [This has become a daily call.]

Last time, I wanted to speak with a representative but they hung up on me. I told them that I had a security system named Simon. He wanted to know what kind of security that was and I told him he was a watchcat that would scratch out the intruders eyes. He wanted to know what would happen after Simon was subdued… I politely said,

“I would take my gun and shoot the person…”

CLICK…dial tone. The next time they call, I plan to do something similar. I can ask them not to call but it does no good—I have tried that route.


Other calls—

Computer voice:  “Someone in your house qualifies for medical insurance…” [How would you know???]

Computer voice:  “This is Rachel from cardmember services…” [She calls at least once a week.]

Computer sound:  Boat horn. “Don’t miss the boat…” [I hate this one and have received these for years.]

Computer voice:  “Someone from this number has requested mortgage foreclosure assistance…” [Yeah, sure they have.]


I used to get angry. Then there was the day that the guy called my cell phone with a pitch and the next day the same guy, not a computer, called the house…


Then there were the calls right after the deaths of the police officers wanting us to donate money—not for the officers’ family or for expenses, etc. but to something they were pitching. While I understand this probably more than a lot of people, I don’t agree with it because this was using tragedy to make money. I was getting about 2+ calls a week and each one said they had never contacted us before… I received about 20 or more calls. One guy said that they only call once a year but at least one other person had called a few weeks before and gave me the same exact spiel that he gave. I couldn’t substantiate any of the calls and choose to give directly to the individual’s family or to the account set up for the fallen officer.


Many of the computer calls have an option to press a button to be removed and I have never had one of these to work. As for the car warranty ones, they threaten that “this” will be my last chance—last call—yeah, and I have some beachfront property… Oh, and a couple of people wanted to know what kind of car I drive now… Do you really think I just fell of the turnip truck—–really? No disrespect to turnips or people who grow and sell them.


I want a button on the phone that I can press that will remove my number from all of their data banks… I know people have to make a living but I draw the line at these crazy calls where the person preys on my emotions in order to separate me from my money. Excuse me, I think I hear the phone…


Have a great day and Happy Gardening! 😀


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The day has come! My book is online!!! Whoooo—whoooo!!! I cannot believe this is happening. It is really here. The day has finally arrived!!! After 4 months, the time has finally come—almost to the day that I first typed out several pages in a couple of hours in the darkness of the night.


You can access the blog AND book HERE, or click on the photo in the post below or the link on the side. This is something I never thought would happen—one, to write a book and two, to bare so much of my soul. But, it really isn’t about me. It is about life and how we should treat others.


The blog is set up so that each page contains a chapter or section of the book with the front page set aside for blogging about certain subjects relevant to relationships and daily life. I have but one aim … one goal … and that is for someone to benefit from these writings even if it is only one person—but, I am hoping it will be more.


This has become my baby. I am really proud of it but I cannot take all of the credit. It would not exist except for God. There is no way. I just hope someone is touched in a positive way.


This is my gift… It comes from my heart!



Live and love well!


Happy Gardening and please take care of your heart! 😀


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My book blog is ready to go. The photo of the wedding rings isn’t exactly how I wanted but it is good enough. They are put together in the form of an infinity symbol. The inscriptions together say, “I will love you (his) – forever and ever (mine).” A red heart is drawn through the two as if they are tied together. This is the result:




Here is where I am totally nervous—it seriously goes online this week. I will enable the links when it is up and running. I want to be so happily excited and joyous but I am scared silly. I have butterflies and my stomach is in knots. I would appreciate any and all thoughts and prayers. I feel like I am stepping off a high dive for the first time but I don’t know if there is water below.


Life doesn’t happen by chance. The choices we make have consequences. If anyone decides to read the book, I apologize. I want you to know that I have changed from the person I used to be and this is a very good thing!


May your week be a happy one—Happy Gardening! 😀


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As we age and arrive at the end our term, as our sense of longevity begins to wane, we tend to see things in a different light. No longer do we pass through life with few cares as we did when first beginning our life without our parents. We know the end is coming, maybe not tomorrow or the day after, but rather than life traveling at a snail’s pace it feels like we are speeding to the end of the road—perhaps without brakes.


Without using the term that begins with a “d” and ends with an “h,” what do you see when you think of that day? First, do you think of what may happen when you are gone? Some do not consider this time, but we will not live ‘forever.’ Do you think about who will be left behind—who will suffer loss and pain? Many times we are so focused on the event of passing and believe since it is inevitable that we should not think about it nor discuss it. What will we leave that is undone and will need to be taken care of? Will those who are left know without a doubt that we loved them fully? These are some of things I think of.  


There are all types of social media, but do we really connect to people? Do we let them know how much we care? I have worried about who I would leave behind for quite some time. Perhaps if I had given more thought I would have chosen not to have a family—I don’t regret it for one minute, but I don’t want them to hurt and be in pain. This is the unselfish part of me but at the time I wanted family because mine was fading away.


Who will be there? Who will be standing at the grave? There have been times where I thought I wouldn’t be missed by anyone. Those are selfish feelings. What really matters is how others will feel when we are gone—feelings of loss and pain. How will loved ones go on without you? Will they know without a doubt where your heart was before you left? I encourage you to consider this if you haven’t before—not to be overly concerned—but to let others know how you feel. Take nothing for granted. Let your loved ones and friends know how you feel. Don’t let them guess in the event that you leave today or soon after or decades down the road.


Have a most glorious day and may your garden grow with great bounty. Happy Gardening! 😀 

NOTE:  I wanted to let everyone know that I am not preoccupied with this subject…I realized after I wrote this it may seem this way. I asked someone last week–who has been really selfish–who he saw at his grave and who did he think he would leave behind. We cannot think everything is only about ‘us’ (me-me-me syndrome) … Have a good day!


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If my parents were alive today they would be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married in a little church in Alabama in 1952.


My parents as they exited the church.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


And, Happy Gardening to everyone else!


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I have to share this with you…


All of the times I have asked my husband over the past many months what he wanted I wasn’t asking if he had chosen me. I was asking if he had accepted me. There is a difference.


I was my husband’s gift from God—he was mine. It isn’t a choice. You don’t choose—you accept. You accept just like accepting grace from God. God sent His Son to die for the mistakes WE all make—He gives us grace—we cannot earn it and we sure don’t deserve it. We cannot do anything but try to live the best we can because of it. Grace is sufficient. We cannot add to it nor take away from it. We either accept it or turn our back on it. It isn’t a choice—it is a lifestyle. Love is a lifestyle. Love is grace.


May you have a most blessed Sunday! Happy Gardening! 😀


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I learned to tat today! I really did. I can’t believe it. The classes began back in September but things prohibited me from getting there. A friend paid my registration fee–thank you! I am not excellent (yet—and I doubt I will get to where I want to be but…) but my picots finally look more alike than the last 100 times I have tried. This lady uses a weaving needle and it is the difference between night and day. I wish my grandmother could see me now. I hope she would be proud of me—her little sugar pie learning something that I can only aspire to be as good as she was and will never come close but I’m trying. I was a quick learner and caught up to where the group is but I want to do some practice runs before I start my towel project. And, I have to teach the girls to tat…


Other things…

When I decided to put the book online, I had no idea it would take so long to get the photographs just like I wanted—even some of them aren’t exactly like what I want but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 8 more photos to do plus the “cover” photo needs finishing. I had to redo about half of them because I didn’t like the way they looked after I put them on the page. I really hope this turns out good. You will know when I get it done… I think I need to really celebrate that day because I never thought it would take so much time but then again, I have had some things come up along the way.


Have a great day/evening and Happy Gardening! 😀


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