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Have you ever watched as an animal falls into a bucket or even a pool of water and cannot get out because the sides are too steep and slick? It is almost akin to quicksand; the more the animal tries the worse the situation gets.


I know that everyone who has been visiting my blog for the past year has felt as the human in this situation and watched as I, the animal, struggled to stay afloat. People have offered me a limb to climb out but I could not catch hold long enough. The more I tried, the harder I fell back into the muck I have been in for so long. And, I won’t get into the heaps of manure that have been dumped heaved in by bucket dump truck loads. It has not been fun to be almost out only to have something to knock me back in like a split-pants funny comedy except it hasn’t been fun OR funny.


Today, as I cling to the branch, I pray that I have enough strength to hold on and climb out so that I am free and safe. Thank you to each and every one who has been there for me, prayed for me, and cheered me on. Last night was a defining one in my life—a sink or swim kind of time. I believe in 2nd chances (in my case we passed second a very long time ago 😉  ). This blog was not begun as a faith blog but at times that is what it became. It is my blog 😀  but as time passed I moved most of the subjects of faith to the other blogs. I don’t mind that, but I want to reclaim this blog as mine and allow it to become what it was truly meant to be. I have said this before and I struggle to do that.


I have been in a deep chasm this week. The details of what happened just before and on Thanksgiving Day would cause your heart to ache—not necessarily for me but for my girls. When we walk in darkness, we cannot find our way. I have a long ways to go before I am out of the cesspool and am truly healed. The wounds are too deep. In other words, I will still be floundering at times and that is ok.


May your gardens grow unlike anything you have ever seen—full and lush—filled with extraordinary beauty. Take care and Happy Gardening! 😀



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Relationships–they are what we make them just like the respect we have for one another. If we choose not to have respect and not invest, we get nothing out of them and they are like paper plates, but if we take special care, time, and treat others with the utmost respect, our relationships become as Fine China, precious, valuable, and worth more than all of the riches of the world.

The following writing has a very special place in my heart. It was originally posted on Dec 1, 2010, on my main blog and re-posted the week after my husband told me about his affair and baby in Jan 2012. I had no idea at the time of this writing the significance it would bring. We all have problems along the way, but how we work together demonstrates how well we can rise above them. Treasuring one another is so important and vital to good marriage. Do you treat your partner like Fine China or a Paper Plate? (original posted Dec 1, 2010)    This posting appears here with permission.


“Let me state that I am not a believer in non-monogamous relationships. I believe that we as humans can rise above our animalistic behaviors if we commit to our spouse (or significant other) and focus on our own behavior. Today, I want to write about marriage. People get married for several reasons, but too often I hear about one or both of the spouses “straying away” for even more reasons. Some of those are, “I was at a point of weakness…”; “This woman just turned me on and I lost all control…”; “It started as an innocent friendship…”; “My spouse has lost interest in sex…”; “He does not love me anymore…”; and on and on and on. Sure, we all have those times of temptations, but we should be able to get through them without entering into a sexual relationship with someone other than our spouse……

…Continued at Protect Your Heart (link).

This post is one of my very favorites and was the catalyst for the book that was written 1.5 years later.

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I have not been the best mother but this card exemplifies what I have tried to be and do. It means so much to me that my girls see me this way.


King Solomon… He was a great man and king…well, not forever. He fell into the trap so many men do possibly because he was an instrument of God’s power and may have believed that power transcended him as in he believed he was “above the law” like so many believe. He let the temptations of this world bring him down (selfishness).


Probably the most widely told story of his time was when two women were brought before him claiming to be a baby’s mother. Solomon, having the heart of God, ordered the baby split in two. This was not to hurt the baby but to smoke out the truth. One woman was fine with that (selfishness) but the other refused to allow this to happen and offered for the other woman to take the baby in order for his life to be spared. This is a sure sign of selfless love—to give up something that means so much to you in order for it to live for it was the baby’s mother who offered him to be given.


The woman whose son was alive was deeply moved out of love for her son and said to the king, “Please, my lord, give her the living baby! Don’t kill him!”

But the other said, “Neither I nor you shall have him. Cut him in two!” – I Kings 3:26 (NIV)


This story has touched my heart ever since I heard it in Sunday school when I was very young. Mothers have or should have extreme love for their children but wisdom is not necessarily something that comes readily. Some use their children as pawns to get attention for themselves (selfishness) or just for the children. Don’t get me wrong. Every child is extremely special and has so many talents but it is not the place of the mother to use her child to bring down someone else.


In today’s world, people will go to great lengths to get attention. They will use and sacrifice valuables and treasures (sometimes everything in their way) but worst of all, children and people (selfishness). This has been going on since the beginning of time. The only thing that will prevent this is for mothers to learn this is not the way to be and sure not the way to do. Unfortunately, manipulation has become the way of the world and it is a game to see who can be the most manipulative. I know very well as my children are suffering from someone else’s hand and I cannot protect them. All people are children. We need to treat each other that way. May we learn how to treat others with compassion.


May your day be so richly blessed and your garden grow with exceedingly goodness and grace! Happy Gardening! 😀


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If you could see my face, you would see  tears rolling down my cheeks. It is with great sadness that I write this. For a better writing you may want to check my blog, Protect Your  Heart (link), but the latest info is here.

It has been a terrible week already. I had my heart stressed at the doctor’s office Monday and it was so bad that I had to be treated there for a reaction to the drugs–we were waiting to see if I needed to be taken to the ER. It was really scary and I know my oldest daughter was worried. She did so good! This mom could not be any prouder.

I just returned a few hours ago from my husband’s love nest (arghhh). I’m going to spare most of the details but I had asked for prayers for him the other day. There is a lot missing between those two times. My husband is lost and doesn’t know what it means to be married and have vows. When I wrote the book I thought there was still a chance for us to work things out. Now, that I have found out just how deep he is in… No! 

I will tell this. The other woman contacted one of my girls again… People, this is not ok to do under any situation. No, the baby cannot be held accountable but you cannot gloss it over and make everything look ok. This is not a touch-up job and a “Febreze air freshener thing ain’t gonna fix this under no circumstances.

Just when things level out, I get hit in the head with something else. You know, killing me quickly would have been so much more humane. And, for those who think I am telling my daughters how bad their dad is…again, I don’t have to open my mouth. Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. YEP. He did. Right now, I am in adrenaline overdrive which I didn’t get over from yesterday–still shaking.

May your gardens grow great and be filled with beautiful bounty and may your heart never feel the pain I have felt for so long! Please take care! I will decide if I will continue blogging but right now….I have to take a break. I need time with God and no one else and nothing else. I will try to keep my morning prayers posted. They are one of the best things I have done.

Again, take care and may God bless you!


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As I was sent on my way to first grade my parents said, “Get a spanking at school and there will be one waiting for you when you get home.” I didn’t try to find out how true that was but knowing my parents there would not be just one but two


spankings waiting for me. We didn’t have a woodshed; we didn’t even have a fireplace until I was 14 😀 , but that would NOT deter my parents. Many parents in the area were the same as mine. You know that phrase, “Spare the rod, spoil the child?” That sentiment was emblazoned on a wood plaque in many a home. We were raised to respect people and property—well, most of us.


IN THE NEWS — Another cemetery was vandalized in Alabama last week. I saw the headline and checked to see if it was one I knew. It wasn’t but there was a particular cemetery near where my mother grew up dating back to a battle during the War of 1812. It had been vandalized several times (not the only cemetery but this has become a type of recreation 😦 ). An ancestor that settled this area had a brother killed and is buried at the one from 1812 . The cemetery was moved at least twice, the first was to make way for a lake then it was moved again to make way for a subdivision. People do not have respect for others. It is a shame. It was suspected that teenagers were hanging out in the area drinking when they spray-painted some of the stones and then went back and broke them not once, not even twice, but several times. It was a sad scene. 


I guess you have seen about the Petraeus scandal. I have been trying to avoid as much news as possible but that has not escaped my eyes. At the risk of sounding crass, “Guys, what is it that causes this?” Are you really willing to throw everything away? Women do it, too, but what has happened to respect, respect for others, respect for property, respect for oneself and just pure respect? Where are the boundary lines? You can make anything exciting if you want to and it doesn’t have to be with someone ELSE’s spouse or without your spouse. I’m still trying to get over Mark Sanford and a few others who were out living it up while their wife was performing some super woman feat—one was giving birth to their child. And, let us not forget John Edwards… I can’t even write those words. Men who leave their wives when their wives have health issues… I told my husband that I would so like to take him out to the woodshed, or get someone else to… Well, you get the picture.


I urge us all to know where our boundaries are and if not, learn them. See them and cherish what we have. As for the tombstones…I think this is worse than a crime of vandalism. It is a crime against home and sanctuary—it was their place of rest. When we dumb-down the crime by making it less sensational, we do a disservice to us and all of the people that pass after us. And, infidelity… You wouldn’t want to be treated with such lack of respect so treat others better than you would want to be treated…PLEASE. Thank you!


By the way, I never got a spanking all through school–not from the teachers but I did get in trouble one time…I would rather have had a spanking… 🙂 …I would rather have had three. Be good to others and cherish your spouse! Happy Gardening! 😀


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My Boo-boo

The pattern calls for 3 picots and I made 4. What a bad mistake even if it is early on. I thought about doing an alternating sequence but if I can’t remember 3 rather than 4 do you really think I can remember to go 3-4-3-4?? Not in any way, shape, or form–too many cobwebs. And, by adding the extra picot I made the chain longer which will not look right. 😦

I was so happy to get some smaller yarn to try. It is more dainty looking (I cannot say “daintier”). This is a size 20. I had been using a size 10. There is a big difference and the needle I am using now is a size 7 which also makes a difference. Is that confusing enough? The yarn/thread goes even smaller believe it or not. Normally this wouldn’t be a big thing but since the thread is smaller, I could not get the finishing knot out. I still have almost no feeling in the right hand and it has become more cumbersome to use. All of this will have to be trashed—not that it matters about the knots but about the long tail that doesn’t show.


If you would like to learn this type of tatting, there are plenty of videos on the web and there is a book I purchased at Hobby Lobby using a 40% coupon making my total to be about $15. It is not the best book but it included needles (not sure all of theirs do). It is called Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step by Barbara Foster. This particular book included 4 needles AND a needle threader. A set of needles was about $12 on its own, so I figure I did pretty well.


I have a lot to learn and as evident above and there are lots of misfires in that brain of mine. I still confuse right and left but we won’t go there. Have a most blessed day and may you be a light for someone who needs it today. Happy Gardening in all that you do, and we can all become master gardeners on the road of life! Please take care. 😀 


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It’s soup time

Earlier this week I began to feel like I was coming down with something…cold…flu…? My joints are swelling like


arthritis flares so I have been enjoying a hot bath before bed each night–yesterday’s high was 48 and rain. As the day drug on, I knew it was going to be soup day. I wanted vegetable soup. I quit eating canned soups some years ago and like most of my cooking, the results usually depend on what I have on hand. One can tomatoes—check; frozen veggies—check. Good to go.


I had a boyfriend in graduate school who didn’t really teach me to cook but did allow me to experiment with all sorts of things. We had fun cooking together, something I have never shared with anyone of a love interest with such enjoyment. It has come close but not the same. I think it has to do with attitude of who is in control of the kitchen. I have always wanted to share in that. It takes a special man who is willing to SHARE. Many want to be chief chef and so many others want the woman to do it all. 😦


This time, my vegetable soup consisted of 1 can diced tomatoes, and frozen ingredients such as corn, peas, carrots, okra. I added a little bit of Hunt’s catsup along with some water and a just a bit of Splenda, plus some salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, and some onion flakes. Oh, and just a shake of beef bouillon for added taste. In the winter, I like to have some hot buttered cornbread with my soup but I didn’t have any. I don’t really like crackers in my soup but then I thought of pretzels. Why I haven’t thought of this before I have no idea. The soup was nice and tasty so much so that I had another bowl this morning for breakfast. 😀


Next, I will have to show the boo-boo I did yesterday… Happy Gardening! 😀


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If you would like to help me pray for someone please see my “Feed My Sheep” blog (link). There is a personal appeal for prayers. I felt compelled to ask for these prayers. Faith and prayer are two of the biggest parts of my life. I can’t have one without the other. Thank you!

Happy Gardening and may you be blessed always! 😀


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Many people don’t believe in luck. Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same, right? No, not necessarily. Many people have told me this year that if I didn’t have bad luck that I would have no luck at all. This is meant in good fun and they are trying to bring a smile to my face if I don’t already have one. BTW, this is supposed to be a “humorous” post except that it is real and is my life right now 😀 .


We all seem to have bad times but I still cannot seem to shake mine. Last week, one of my father’s first cousins called me to tell me about her sister passing—her last sibling. I didn’t know any of my dad’s father’s family except my dad’s father. It was what I call a Christmas miracle several years ago when we got in touch. I wanted to find some of the family and with help from a family genealogist she was able to call me. She had been waiting a couple of decades (or more) for me to find her. Anyway, she hated to call and give me bad news. The guy who helped get us together has also passed away and another relative of theirs. It was a sad call and then I dropped my bombshell of news about my situation. She cried—I cried…


Then as my daughter was putting lights outside for the trick-or-treaters one of my outside lights began to flicker like there was a short. I had already lost an overhead light in the kitchen earlier that day. I didn’t know what was going on. Well, this light fell completely apart—little pieces. Photo included—excuse the cobwebs. Since I have a pair of these, I had to buy two new lights—didn’t get what I really wanted but maybe these will not fall apart. I just have to get them installed 😦 .


Not the end of the story… I was making toast the next day and what happens? I wouldn’t believe it if I had not seen it. The middle piece of the toaster that holds the heating element—part of it fell out. I am not kidding! So, you see, if I did not have this case of bad luck (and worse has happened) I would have no luck at all. I am not even getting into the toilet upstairs, the outside faucet, and so many other things.


Whatever happens in your day may it be a very blessed one! Happy Gardening! 😀


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Are you in a bad place? Are things not going right? Maybe you are suffering in some way or are in pain. Did you step in something???

I have been in a really bad place these past few months and right now, I can’t seem to step out of the poo—and it’s getting deeper. Even when things are the darkest, please don’t despair. Find Hope!

Below is a reblog…please see my note at the end… Enjoy!




Do you know when hope shines the brightest?

In the most hopeless situations.

Are you up against the impossible today?

Let Hope shine.

Have you been rejected more times than you can count?

Let Hope shine.

Are you tired of trying?

Let Hope shine.

Has everyone else given up and turned away?

Let Hope shine.

(Choosing Joy- Angela Thomas)



the anchor of your soul and mine

Don’tcha wanna shine?

I do.


This Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast. – Hebrews 6:19


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note:  I don’t usually reblog. However, this is Trace (link) and her posting was taken from… Choosing Joy by Angela Thomas. Do you have goosebumps? I sure do! If things are so bad that you have no hope, think about something positive and begin to have hope. If you have nothing else, hope can give so much.


Happy Gardening! 😀


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