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If you would like to help me pray for someone please see my “Feed My Sheep” blog (link). There is a personal appeal for prayers. I felt compelled to ask for these prayers. Faith and prayer are two of the biggest parts of my life. I can’t have one without the other. Thank you!

Happy Gardening and may you be blessed always! 😀


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Many people don’t believe in luck. Good luck, bad luck, it is all the same, right? No, not necessarily. Many people have told me this year that if I didn’t have bad luck that I would have no luck at all. This is meant in good fun and they are trying to bring a smile to my face if I don’t already have one. BTW, this is supposed to be a “humorous” post except that it is real and is my life right now 😀 .


We all seem to have bad times but I still cannot seem to shake mine. Last week, one of my father’s first cousins called me to tell me about her sister passing—her last sibling. I didn’t know any of my dad’s father’s family except my dad’s father. It was what I call a Christmas miracle several years ago when we got in touch. I wanted to find some of the family and with help from a family genealogist she was able to call me. She had been waiting a couple of decades (or more) for me to find her. Anyway, she hated to call and give me bad news. The guy who helped get us together has also passed away and another relative of theirs. It was a sad call and then I dropped my bombshell of news about my situation. She cried—I cried…


Then as my daughter was putting lights outside for the trick-or-treaters one of my outside lights began to flicker like there was a short. I had already lost an overhead light in the kitchen earlier that day. I didn’t know what was going on. Well, this light fell completely apart—little pieces. Photo included—excuse the cobwebs. Since I have a pair of these, I had to buy two new lights—didn’t get what I really wanted but maybe these will not fall apart. I just have to get them installed 😦 .


Not the end of the story… I was making toast the next day and what happens? I wouldn’t believe it if I had not seen it. The middle piece of the toaster that holds the heating element—part of it fell out. I am not kidding! So, you see, if I did not have this case of bad luck (and worse has happened) I would have no luck at all. I am not even getting into the toilet upstairs, the outside faucet, and so many other things.


Whatever happens in your day may it be a very blessed one! Happy Gardening! 😀


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