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The Best Christmas Ever!


Christmas is coming—the day—25 DEC 2012. It has yet to arrive but it is the best Christmas ever! It is not filled with packages under the tree. My tree was just put up today. There are no ornaments but it is filled with love. I don’t have many things to give but there is so much. So, how can this Christmas that has yet to come be the best?


For years, I believed that Christmas was a feeling I would get in honor of the real meaning of Christmas. With the hustle and bustle and so much merchandising, that feeling was pushed to the back of my mind like a foreign memory. I was dreading this Christmas more than ever and people who have been reading my blog know exactly why, but guess what. This ONE is the best.


I cannot explain really. Something has happened. It is more than me giving of myself. It is more than knowing I have friends across the globe. It is more than I have ever had. I finally feel that I belong again—that I am worthy. I have been blessed not with just blessings but blessed with the gift of sharing God’s love. I can’t explain. It is in my infectious smile again—something that has been missing for a long time. It is in my touch. It is the way I see things.


For many friends and people who know me and who have been so worried about me, I give them the gift of answered prayer. I am ok. I really am ok!!! 😀 I still have problems and will have chasms to get through but I am ok. Christmas hasn’t arrived as far as the day, but Christmas has arrived in my heart! After all, I am a believer in celebrating Christmas every day of the year!


So, Merry Christmas today and every day!


May your day be blessed with love and your gardens with eternal goodness! Happy Gardening! 😀


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