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If my dad were alive he would be 83 today but he died back in 1981 which at the time he was my age now — actually several months younger. His first cousin called me yesterday. She shares his birthday. I planned to see her for the holidays but didn’t make it to Savannah so we will visit her later this month as we make the rounds.


If there is one thing about my dad that I remember, it is that people respected him. That says so much about a person. We may never know how much respect we actually have until we pass away. Some people considered him a saint and others knew that they could count on him no matter what—even people he did not know. Not such a bad legacy to leave, I would say.


My dad (and mom) had hearts of gold. They genuinely cared for others. When times were rough for others, they were there to help no matter how bad they had it themselves. I saw my father cry when a guy tried to kill himself by setting himself on fire. I saw him smile at the smallest things that cheered his heart. I remember his strong arm of discipline which at the time I thought he enjoyed but deep down he hated. Later, I understood that he had to correct my behavior.


I have missed my dad for so long and would not allow myself to grieve until my mother passed away in 1993. My dad shaped the way I think. He molded the way I try to treat others and the way I see things. My dad was my biggest fan who prayed for me, prayed with me, and protected me. I have been lost without him. I don’t know what my dad would say about me today. I have made so many mistakes but I have always tried to make him proud in some way.


As for my tattoo… Daddy would have frowned on it but I would like to think he would have understood from what all I have had to go through.


Daddy, Happy Birthday!!! You are still my fan and I miss you so much!


Happy Gardening 😀 !



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