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I had my consultation with the vascular doctor Wednesday thinking he would say nothing was wrong and would send me on my way just as I have heard so many times before… Well, surprise! He didn’t. Evidently, I am showing the beginning signs of Raynaud’s AND a degenerative vascular disease in my legs. I have to wear compression socks—I really hate those things—and add a blood pressure medicine to my several medicines that I now take 😦 . I will have to watch my extremities to be sure they do not get cold—both winter and summer. My right hand and foot do not have much feeling so this is not the easiest task. This is how my mom lost her fingers.


I have lots of questions with few answers which leads to more questions. I still have no results from the blood tests done in October and this doctor contacted the other office. This is what they said…

1) I have NOT had an autoimmune test done on my blood (not true) and 2) that I have NOT had blood taken in the past 6 months (not true).

I am not sure what that was in those glass tubes back in October but I could have sworn it was blood–MY blood—all 6 tubes. I am to return to have blood drawn and it will be at least 10 tubes this time… Oh, joy, joy…


What have I learned…  (please take this in the fun that it is meant to be)

  • If you are sick, don’t go to the doctor—you might catch something 😀 . 
  • It you have blood drawn, make sure you take photos to be sure you can support that it was done and that it was your blood 😀 . You might want to get it geo-tagged but I am not sure that is worth it.
  • When the technician says, “This is going to hurt a little,” believe her and know it is going to hurt a lot more than a little 😀 .
  • When a doctor says there is nothing wrong with you, get another opinion—immediately 😀 .


This has been going on for several years now—it is nothing new but it has gotten worse. Doctors and others thought I was making it up (including family members). By the way, there is no way you can make this up with the way I was tested. I was even beginning to believe I was going crazy, too. After all, when everyone tells you that you are crazy, and there seems to be no logical explanation…one begins to believe it. The jury is still out on whether I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune disease, but it is nice to know I wasn’t going completely crazy!!!


I hope your day is great and your gardens are happy! Happy Gardening! 😀



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