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This highly treasured photo was taken when I was a small girl. I loved horses—always have—and this guy, a cousin of mine, is no longer with us. He died in a tragic car wreck in 1979. He has been in my thoughts quite a bit lately. For years he was like a knight in shining armor. He protected me at school, on the bus, and around home. We attended the same church. He was the big brother I never had and when he passed away, he took a big part of me with him. We had a conversation just before he died that I will always remember. He made some bad choices but was trying to get his life together again. He confided in me some things that I have not shared. It has been difficult to keep those things he shared but I loved him so. There is so much I could write about him but the biggest memory is the song, “Why Me, Lord?” The two are synonymous–him and the song.


In the middle 1970s we had a youth choir comprised of kids from around the area. We met at our church—just a few of us at first and then we grew to be about 50 or so for a while. We traveled the state and out of state singing at various venues. We had a fresh sound and sang with such enthusiasm. This guy was one of the two guitar players. The other one is a minister out west now. I can also tell you that my dad had a big part in all of this as he was youth advisor and music and sound engineer, etc. Our lives were being shaped at this time—the basis of which many of us still draw on—so many lives that were touched.


Frank could sing this song so beautifully. I can still hear him today and it has been 35 years since I last heard him sing it. It wasn’t like Kris Kristofferson…it was better 😀 . And, this song isn’t about why God lets bad things happen, it is about a person thanking God for the privilege to serve and asking why God chose them—in a good way. Our youth choir was a catalyst for church growth not just in our church or churches in the area but churches across the state. Another song that was so poignant early on was “Pass It On,” a true 1970s song 🙂 .



Sometimes, I find myself talking to Frank lately and can almost feel his presence. I would like to think that there is still a piece of him within me. This song has come to mind today and it has so much meaning to me. Don’t dare think I am sad…completely opposite!!! These are the good times that I remember! 😀  I hope you have many treasured memories like this. May your life be touched and may your gardens grow greatly. Happy Gardening! 😀



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