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We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Savannah Friday leaving before the sun rose and getting home not quite midnight…  We met with my dad’s first cousin and her husand along with two of their children whom I had not met before. It was so much fun to visit and eat lunch with them. I have not seen the cousin in a few years. Then very late that afternoon, it was off to River Street to get some sweets–no other shopping or eating. We got more than fudge…pralines and truffles, too. So delicious but back to healthy eating once it is all gone 😦 . Finally, we drove out to Tybee and walked along the beach—at the beginning of January–watching the sun set. Several people were out surfing. The water was pretty warm. You know I had to put my feet in. 😀

Tybee Jan 2013

Tybee Jan 2013

I love the above photo. It was taken at twilight just as the one from the previous blog posting (see photo below). To see my girls laughing and happy means the world to me!!! There has been a lot of pain and tears between the time these two photos were taken.

Tybee Nov 2011

Tybee Nov 2011

It was a packed day–too much time on the road but it was fun. There were thoughts of memories past but the best part of the trip was making new ones. We never know when the last time we will see someone, so I try to give (and take) an extra hug just in case. You never know… In fact, this cousin called Saturday morning to say her husband’s only living brother had a heart attack. 😦  Give and take an extra hug when you are with loved ones just to make sure and to savor the moment.


The day was a prized treasure—a jewel along the way. New friendships are being formed—much needed family bonding—and it makes my heart so happy to know that this is my family 😀 . I went “home” Friday even though I have never lived there in Savannah—it is my home. I wish we had spent the night but it would have been that much harder to leave and say goodbye. 🙂


Live life to the fullest, love well, and try never to have any regrets being happy and bringing happiness to others…always! Happy Gardening! Take care! 😀



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