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I have some strange tastes in music or so I am told because I love so many different types of music. Let it first be said that I really love someone who can play a piano so well and a great sounding grand piano is to die for. Wow! Maybe these are my first loves 😀 . I can listen to a guy play a piano forever and never tire of it. Ok, back to reality, Amy.


I discovered that there was other music in 1970—rock ‘n roll 😀 . Someone asked me the other day what my favorite song was and I have so many secular and non-secular favorites. As for secular, it is still “The Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles. I wasn’t a Beatles fan but I love this song. Other music genres include classical, pop, and believe it or not bands that were hard core rock ‘n roll and heavy metal of the late 1980s like Guns n Roses, Twisted Sister, and such. There was a love of country but for certain reasons I have pushed country to the back for now—far, far back. I absolutely love the Moody Blues and I listened to the Bee Gees way before Saturday Night Fever came along when they sounded so whiny no one wanted to listen to them. As for non-secular… “The Old Rugged Cross” has to be my favorite still and I may get criticized for this but I love music from the musical Godspell particularly “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” and “Day by Day.” This is just a very small portion of my likes and loves.


I love music. I love musical instruments. I practiced piano and organ for years and could only read music until later in life where I learned to really hear and play music. Music is like many things of life—it comes from the heart even if it is a piece being played by someone—they play from the heart. It is part of our creative way of life—creating, playing, and enjoying. Music, no matter what the style will speak to people, even animals. It is something that heals, soothes, and helps us grow with a positive outlook.


Something that has helped me to move on with my life is music—some new, some old. I haven’t really bought music in a while so the last of October I purchased a collection of Irish and Celtic songs—oh, what an excellent decision I made. Then in November it was a collection of fantastic music by Audiomachine and in December I was back to non-secular music. I had forgotten how much music is a part of me. It makes me smile and helps to keep that song in my heart.


I love music and my girls do, too. Both learned to play guitars—acoustic, electric, and bass. They have played electric keyboard and one played a tuba in the school band 🙂 . I think since I didn’t push them to practice piano like I had they developed a love for music early on. I know I began to dread my time at the piano and organ—I never wanted that for my children. And, you know what? They can sing, too! 😀


I hope you love music. Here is a sample of what I love…



Other songs:

  • It Is Well with My Soul
  • Awesome God
  • In the Garden
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • Seek Ye First
  • Because He Lives
  • I Am Bound for the Promised Land 
  • Shout to the Lord
  • The More I Seek You
  • Many songs by Enya
  • Could I Have This Dance by Anne Murray
  • Remember When by Alan Jackson
  • So very many songs of the 1970s and 80s
  • Songs by artists of today and so many more songs that there is not room to add them all 🙂


May your day be filled with peace and happiness and may your gardens grow with great vigor! Happy Gardening! 😀



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