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Once there were 4 plus a cat…now there are 2 and a cat…

The previous posting was about the large portrait of my G-GF. Before the daughter moved this past weekend, she and I went through the house inventory of furniture (and the portraits and such) so I would know what she wants to keep down the road—I want to know who wants what so there is no bickering later on. Believe it or not, she wants the portrait because of ties to my family—a stark contrast to the timid child of years ago but a mature one wanting to keep things that have been passed down through the generations. It is sometimes difficult holding on to so much memories—each piece has a tale to tell.


It was a long weekend for the move—first, extra long and then very tiring. Not everything fit in or on top of the car but she moved the essentials…enough to know that she is not here now. The strings have been loosened as she begins her journey. I wish her all of the happiness in the world! I cannot second guess this decision and can only give encouraging comments, my thoughts if it were me, and then be there when things do not go the way that is planned. Parenting is tough sometimes 😉 . I thought it would get easier but in fact, at times, it is much harder.


Conversely, this was the first time Simon was left on his own for more than several hours. He was so glad to see us when we returned. He is staying close to make sure we don’t leave again…well, not in the really near future. 😀


Things change. We change. Life changes. May we all have a center, a focus, that never changes 🙂 . Happy Gardening in all of your endeavors and most importantly…all of your journey! 😀



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