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Grace…what does it mean to you? Is it something that you can buy or something you can share? Is grace something you can hold in your hand? Do we even know what grace looks like as in can we recognize it when we see it?


I wrote a piece the other day for my Protect Your Heart blog called “Grace and Trust.” (link) I thought I needed to learn to trust again after being hurt so badly. I forgot about grace. Picture someone with a heart who wants to share that heart with another, maybe a few others–not serious but each time she gives that heart to Flowerssomeone she expects trust in return—she thirsts for trust because she wants to believe it still exists but she has certain stipulations on how that heart is treated in order for it not to be broken. In the effort she seeks this trust her heart is broken again, not by anyone meaning her pain. This may not make any sense to anyone but me, but I learned that trust cannot be given first—grace has to be given and shared before trust.


Grace means that things are not always going to work out. Grace means that we are all going to falter in some way. Grace means that she cannot trust completely because grace must be given first. Think of a suspension bridge. The bridge cannot be solid. It must bend and give whether it is because of wind or temperature, it must expand and contract and move. Trust is the expanse of the bridge—and grace is what holds it together. It is what gives when things don’t go just right. It is the understanding that life has no guarantees. A friend, a true friend, is there no matter what but a true friend will also tell you what you need to hear when the time is right. Grace is accepting that friend no matter what.


In the other blog I talk about trust and grace and I think the best thing I wrote was this… Grace is allowing a child to color outside the lines and then telling him or her that they did a great job—praising their efforts not just as efforts but their accomplishments as in—not correcting them. Nothing is perfect in this world but by grace we can accept others as they are. And, this is what God’s love is all about. As humans, we will all fall short of God’s glory but by His grace we all can be accepted by Him.


Life is a journey. We each are on our own path and sometimes struggle with our journey—some more so than others and some more so than other times. If it were easy there would be no self-help books, no DIY books, and no (fill in the blank) for Dummies books 😀 .


Grace…it is another thing that sets us apart from the animals. Empathy and grace…two things that are so important in caring for others. Wow! 🙂


Happy Gardening! May your journey be so blessed! 😀



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